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8 Airport Tips to Follow Before Your Next Flight

What to do to prepare for your next flight.


As you can tell from my blog, travelling is awesome but air travel can be a pain some times. With long lines, delayed flights, or a lack of parking space, things can get annoying after some time. Fortunately, there are a few airport hacks that you can keep in mind to make your journey more comfortable. Whether it is a one-way trip or a round trip, the following airport hacks will come in handy before your next flight:

  1. Go to family rooms to use Wi-Fi and watch TV

If you frequently travel with your kids and like to arrive early at airports, you should spend time in the club lounges. They have family rooms where you can enjoy a drink while your kids sip on some hot chocolate and munch down packets of snacks. These family rooms come with TVs and free Wi-Fi that provide much-needed relief before a long and tiring flight. Those who want to work before getting on to the plane often use family rooms because they are isolated.

  1. Wrap your bag handle or luggage

With new trolley bags looking almost the same, you may pick up someone else’s luggage while checking out. To avoid this confusion, you can wrap a ribbon or any other fabric on your check-in luggage. This helps to spot your bag amidst all the suitcases as they roll out.

  1. Freeze your favorite liquids

If you can’t live without having your cold coffee or favorite protein drink every day, and there is a long flight to catch, the best thing to do is freeze the drink and carry it on your flight. However, make sure that the liquid is frozen like a rock. This also saves a considerable amount of money that you otherwise would have spent on similar drinks from the airport that is too expensive.

  1. Bring a Water bottle

A bottle of mineral water comes at a very hefty price at the airport. You may not want to spend so much before the flight. That’s why you should bring a filter water bottle if you don’t want to drink the tap water from the airport. If you have taste issues with tap water, then filter water bottles will come in handy. They don’t cost a fortune and provide the same taste of water that you usually drink at home. You can fill up the bottle once you cross the security checkpoints.

  1. Weigh your bags before coming to the airport

Many flights have strict regulations on the weight of luggage that a person can carry. They specify the details while you are booking the tickets. So, the best way to avoid the risk of paying extra charges for overweight luggage is weighing them at home. Pop your packed bags on a scale to compare the weight that is allowed and the original weight of the suitcase.

  1. Bring your own Snacks

If water is so expensive at airports, you can imagine what food will cost. So, it is always wise to bring your own snack instead of buying anything from the airport. Almost everything is highly overpriced, and you can avoid this expense while travellingl. Carry a Ziploc bag or multiple Ziploc bags depending on the quantity of snack you want to carry. Whether it is candy, cereal bars, nuts, or any other snack, just pop them in the Ziploc bags and carry them on the flight.

  1. Check in Online

One of the best ways to save time and last-minute hassles at the airport is by checking in online. This saves you the time to wait in the line. You can head straight to the security checkpoint. Also, make sure you print the boarding pass. Although it may not be necessary at many airports, you never know when you need it. You should also sign up for flight alerts so that you get notified if there is any delay or cancellation of your flight.

  1. Sleep at the Airport

If you have unexpected or unplanned flight delays you can take a nap in the airport. You’ll save money on a taxi and hotel. Alternatively, you may be able to get a hotel comp’d by the airline.

These airport hacks are tried and tested by thousands every day. If you too want to make your long flight comfortable, make sure you follow these tips before your next flight because long travel times can be very boring once the plane takes off.

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