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7 Tips For Post-Pandemic Travelers

How to prepare for travel for when the world opens back up again.

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If you’re a dyed in the wool traveler who’s been stuck in the same spot since lockdown, there’s no doubt that by now your itchy feet will only be satisfyingly scratched by taking off on a blockbuster world tour as soon as it’s possible.

But before you head to the lochs and glens of Scotland, mountains and beaches of Jamaica or charming castellated communes of France, there are a few things to prep for now so that you can take off with perfect peace of mind.

Check these seven tips for post-pandemic travellers before you bolt for the blue horizon.

Supercharge your emergency fund

As a rule of thumb, if you’re determined to travel as frugally as possible you can travel for a year on about £10,000 and you’ll want to double that in order to splash out a bit. Whatever number you settle on, throw a little on top to feel extra secure.

Get health insurance

Make sure you grab some long-term travel insurance. Several insurers cover trips of 18-24 months, so a comparison site like Compare The Market can help you find the best deal.

Check official travel guidance

This one should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway – please check, double- and triple-check official government guidance on travel prerequisites for all of your destinations. You might need a visa, Covid-19 test or some other certification to be landed at port, therefore make certain.

Learn the lingo 

Learning at least a few words of the local language at your destination can help you stay safe and integrate more easily into the community. To prep before you leave, try a language app like Babbel.

Grab a good rucksack

For serious adventurers, a good rucksack is the best way to travel light but still ensure that you’ve got all the necessary essentials. Choose a backpack with waterproof material, lockable zips, multiple compartments, an internal frame, padded belt and shoulder strap, and an ergonomic back.

Invest in a laptop

If you want to watch movies on a bigger screen than your phone, write or keep up with studies, you’ll need to buy a laptop that’s light yet robust and slim yet powerful. The Apple Macbook Air M1 is a pretty good pick as is the Lenovo Yoga C940, but there are several to choose from.

Learn online 

Want your trip to be truly transformational? Why not study for an online degree while you’re away with a provider like ARU Distance Learning? With courses on everything from psychology to business management, by the time you decide to settle down for a while, you can have the qualification to enter an entirely new career.

Follow this septuplet of tips for post-pandemic travel to stay as safe as possible once restrictions ease and the world is your oyster once again.


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