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7 Reasons Why Considering a Spa-Only Holiday in Thailand Is Totally Worth It

Exploring Thailand’s resorts and retreats.

Thailand is one of the most incredible countries in Asia. There is so much to do, so much to see, and so much to experience! But when it comes to traveling the world, there are a few hidden gems in Thailand that will make your visit even more wonderful.

The resorts and retreats scattered across this spectacularly diverse country will not only let you have a memorable holiday, but will help change your life! A spa-only holiday may sound over the top, but there are so many reasons why you should make these types of vacations a priority! Here are my seven reasons why a spa-only holiday in Thailand is totally worth it!

Change Your Life!

Not too long ago I was feeling a little lost in Bangkok. Taking the time to face our challenges head on is incredibly helpful in the long-run! But you first have to take the time, to make time for yourself.

A spa retreat can not only offer you a relaxing and holistic approach to your holiday, but can set the tone for you to take some dramatic steps in your life! There is a spa in Thailand called Absolute Sanctuary that offers a thirty day (or even sixty day) life-changing retreat. You’ll delve into the three phase process and really focus on changing your perspective and your priorities!

The process includes a wellness consultation, physical treatments, detoxing meals, and an array of healthy and holistic life-altering programs. The three phases will take you on a journey to make your life anew.

  • Phase one: Cleanse. This is a seven-day process that will allow you to detox your body. This includes detox drinks, a liver flush, colon hydrotherapy, manual lymphatic drainage, massages, and life coaching sessions!
  • Phase two: Transform. This phase is a fourteen-day physical rejuvenation. From personalized fitness sessions, to Pilates classes, to nutritional coaching, and cooking classes, you will learn the tools to really change your life for the better!
  • Phase three: Anew. Spend your last week taking the lessons you learned in phases one and two and really putting them into practice. You will have a fitness consultation where you will be given a take-home plan for your body. All the while you’ll still be enjoying the perks of the spa packages!

If you’re having trouble finding the right retreat, you can always reach out to a booking agency, or well-known company to help you book the right holiday for you. Traveling with a focus on health and fitness can make all the difference. If you want more information about booking spa-only holidays in Thailand, you can click here.


One of the main reasons this type of holiday is totally worth it, is to detox yourself from all the negative things we can take in on a daily basis. Whether you need to detox from your cell phone, your bad food choices, or your busy schedule, you can make the decision to spend the time away from those negative influences.

Detoxing your body can be ridiculously beneficial. Take what you learn home with you by integrating some really great detox teas into your routine when you’re feeling sluggish. Or by even turning off all of your electronics a few times a day! These Thai holidays can really change a lot about your regular life.

Physical Well-Being

I know first-hand how hard it can be to fit in physical fitness and create a healthy lifestyle while you’re working and traveling. Sometimes we don’t put our best foot forward when it comes to creating a health-centered life, and a spa-only retreat can help to refocus on our physical health.

Places like the Chiva-Som International Health Resort are not only absolutely stunning, but will help you take the time to focus on your body first! The packages include so many valuable experiences!

  • Health and Wellness Consultations
  • Daily Massages
  • Personal Training
  • Acupuncture
  • Stress Release Therapy
  • And so much more!

When it comes to a hectic life, you sometimes need to slow down and really pay attention to what your body needs! Your physical well-being is one of the best investments you can make! There are so many studies, that reiterate the many benefits of mental and physical health. That’s why this type of holiday is totally worth it!


Our modern lives are so filled with stressors and daily anxieties it’s hard to keep up. One of the best reasons to visit a Thai resort is to de-stress from the triggers and stresses of life! Take a vacation that will help you focus on your well-being and conquering stress!

The spa-only resorts in Thailand will help you de-stress, re-assess, and really and truly relax! From world-renowned facial techniques, to oil-massages, and sauna treatments, you’ll really have time to settle down and de-stress!

Spiritual and Mental Well-Being

Sure, you can have a spa day at home. You can take an hour or two out of your day to treat yourself with some at-home treatments that are really fantastic, and really good for the environment. But how much are you REALLY getting out of that one hour, maybe once a month?

No matter your religious preferences, finding the balance between your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being is definitely valuable. You can find a spa-only retreat that will focus on meditation, spiritual awakening, and being comfortable in your own skin!

One of the many reasons why we travel is to see all there is to see on this amazing planet. But we also long for the fulfilment that these experiences bring! Taking a vacation that will help you center yourself and focus on your mental and spiritual needs will bring that kind of fulfillment into your daily life!

World Experience

Not only can we search for fulfillment with our travels on a spiritual level, but we can begin to collect our world experiences. Find the stories you’ll tell your grandchildren when you’re older, or to share with friends over a few drinks. Take control of your hectic life and find the fun!

Retreats and resorts that focus on your well-being, your fitness, and relaxation are worth it because they add to the joy in your life. They treat you to a luxurious experience that you can only get by traveling outside of your comfort zone!

Some people often avoid these experiences because of money. Let’s say you have a massive amount of student loan debt, there are SO MANY ways that you can travel if you have student loans and still get to experience what the world has to offer! Don’t hold yourself back from having a relaxing holiday, in a gorgeous resort, in an exotic country.


Our lives don’t always have to be about work, or our health, or whatever social pressures we’re under. They can be about so much more! Retreats like those offered at Amanpuri in Thailand will bring an awareness to your life that you never knew was missing.

Designed to be highly meditative, an awareness program will help you to focus one complete immersion into your mind, body, and soul. Detox your life, focus on the physical, de-stress, and change your life… But do so with a renewed awareness that everything you do can help to motivate you in the future! This way you can not only motivate yourself, but you can inspire those around you as well!

The awareness you can glean from daily spa treatments, wellness specialist sessions, and lifestyle advice on a holiday in Thailand will be incredibly rewarding. You can use that time to set new goals, find your ambitions, and really be aware of who you are and what you want!

Considering the Holiday

Taking a spa-only holiday in Thailand is completely worth traveling to one of these many resorts. Take into consideration how it can destress and detox your life. Think about how you can have a powerful experience, by focusing on your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

All in all, consider how your life can be changed by the awareness these holidays can bring!

Don’t waste your time. Find a way to make this holiday work into your busy schedule! The long-term benefits of these resorts are worth it!


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