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7 Reasons to Visit Namibia

Where to go and what to do.


Namibia is a large country with lots of reasons to visit within. There are abandoned towns, nature parks, wildlife, desert plains, and points of historical interest to explore, and if you are planning a trip here, you will need at least a few weeks to get the whole experience. The guide below lists some of the best reasons to travel to Namibia, so read on to discover more. 

The Eerie and Mysterious Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast is well-known all over the world. The heavy, thick, perilous fog that scatters the shores is the reason behind the high number of shipwrecks. Take a tour around the sands and see some eerie but beautiful sights up and down the area. 

An Etosha National Park Self-Drive Adventure

NamibiaSelf-drive adventures are some of the best ones in Namibia. It gives you complete autonomy, but you do need to plan them and consider every detail before you set off. It is not recommended to go alone, but hiring a 4×4 in Namibia is one of the most popular ways that tourists and adventurers experience everything the country has to offer. Etosha National Park is a highly subscribed location with so many trails, animal experiences, stunning nature spots, and vast landscapes to discover. 

Experience the Wildlife Checklist


There is a long list of animals in this country that you can see on guided tours or just as you are driving about. Whether you are hoping to see a zebra, elephant, cheetah, monkey, lion, or giraffe, you won’t be disappointed. There are even leopards, African wild dogs, and Cape buffalos as well and it is great to explore all the sites where they are commonly found as well, like Bwabwata National Park for cheetahs or Waterberg Plateau Park for wildebeest, antelope, and zebras. 

Find the Kolmanskop Ghost Town Tour

There is something entirely intriguing about a town that has been abandoned. Human beings’ natural curiosity leads thousands of tourists to the ghost town tour in Kolmanskop. A once heralded, rich German prospector settlement, it now stands abandoned. The buildings are being reclaimed by the desert and many of them are filled with sand dunes too. You won’t find any diamonds, but you will see some great photo opportunities and step foot in a piece of history. 

Visit a Himba Tribe Village

This country is rich in culture and has some authentic tribes spread out across the lands. The Himba tribal villages are just some of the most established settlements, and you can take a tour here or visit with your group. Expect a completely different way of living, and dive in with your whole heart to have a genuine experience. 

Breathtaking Stargazing

Namibia has some of the most stunning skies in the world. There are lots of areas with low population density and limited interference from electric light sources which means when you look up, you see it all against a dark backdrop. 

Prehistoric Sites of Interest

If you want to experience some of the oldest historical sites in the world, Namibia is the place to do it. Rock drawings, caves, and dinosaur fossils are just some of the things you can see around the country and there are plenty of tours to keep things safe. Some of the sites are estimated to be 2,000 years old!

Namibia is a stunning country with so much to experience. If you do plan on traveling, check that all of your documents (visa, passport, etc) are verified and in-date, and think consciously about how to stay safe. Don’t walk alone at night, keep your vehicles locked with the windows up, and try to stick with official tour guides and verified companies. 

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