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7+ Million Views And 9,000+ Subscribers On Youtube

The Vagabond Journey vlog has surpassed a couple of milestones.

The Vagabond Journey YouTube vlog surpassed a couple of milestones recently.

We went over 7 million views and 9,000 subscribers.

I’ve been working a little more on the vlog lately. It’s something that I do for fun to document and share some of the things that I’m doing that’s not going to make it into other publication streams. It’s also a project that my eight year old daughter has interest in, so we sometimes work on it together.

Please take a moment to subscribe here. Thank you.

I also have a second YouTube channel that I just started for more journalistically relevant content. The division between the two is basically this: if it has me in the video then it’s probably going on Vagabond Journey; if not, then it’s probably going up here.

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