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7 Budget Travel Tips for Student Travelers

How to travel the world cheaply.

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Being a student, traveling is expensive for you. Is it true that you cannot afford to travel abroad and see the world as you don’t have as much money as required?

Think again and by budgeting smartly, you can visit many places around the globe. Here are a few budget travel tips from Mypaperwriter.com experts that will save you money you don’t even imagine.

1. Careful in Destination Selection:

Your expenses are dependent on the location you are going to visit. You need more than 100 dollars to spend a day in France, while with the same money you can spend a week or more in Southeast Asian countries.

Consider the cost of all things you need during travel rather than deciding on airfare only. Airfare to European countries is cheaper and the food, hotel rooms, and excursion are cheaper in Asian and South American countries.

2. Volunteer:

While traveling to a destination, accommodation is a huge cost. It is possible to convert this cost to nothing now. Volunteering abroad is the way to save bucks you have to spend on your accommodation.

Staying with a local and giving back to the community is an amazing experience.

3. Plan Properly:

Flight prices change and can be of an unbelievable amount.  Sometimes last minute booking cost you too much and affect your budget badly.

Plan ahead of your travel and keep an eye on the fluctuating prices of airlines. Book as soon as the price goes down and suites you best.

4. Alternate Transport:

Air travel or taxi is not mandatory all the time during your travel. Find alternate travel options that are cheaper and save you a few dollars.

Check on trains, buses, or ridesharing options for domestic travels rather than opting for a plane. In the same way, you can replace a taxi with a bike ride to travel within a city or from the airport to your hotel room.

5. Sleep Cheap:

Hotels can be expensive for you and can have an impact on your budget. Seek out for cheaper options to spend the night.

Rent an apartment for fewer days if you have to stay for more than a week. You can find a cheap place to stay through Airbnb as well.

6. Utilize Student Discounts:

Almost everywhere around the globe students are facilitated with a discount. You can avail of student discounts at more than 120,000 places in more than 130 countries worldwide.

Traveling with your university card issued by your school may not guarantee you the discount. The standard card for such discounts is ISIC i.e. International Student Identity Card.

Keep this one with you to save an unbelievable money during travel.

7. Create Stopovers:

To explore more places on the go, plan your air travel in such a way that you have a stopover in some of the famous cities in the world. Just get out of the airport for a few hours and see the city without spending a penny and cross another location from your checklist.

Dubai, Tokyo, and Reykjavik are the few cities you can visit with emirates airline, Japan airline, and Iceland air respectively as stopovers.

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