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7 Best Greek Islands to Visit in 2024

Where to go and what to do in the Greek Islands.

Greek Islands

If plenty of sunshine, crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches are your way to holiday you need to include Greek islands in your list of holiday destinations. Over the years, Greek islands have become quite popular not only with party animals but even with those who want to find a private secluded spot under the sun. 

However, when you are planning to holiday in Greece you need to look for the right accommodations. This can make a huge difference to how you spend time with your friends, family, loved ones and even all alone yourself. Choosing the right Ionian & Aegean Villa Holidays would allow you to make the most of your time when you are in Greece.

Here are 7 best Greek islands you should visit in 2024.


If you are planning a trip to Greece in 2024 you should put Corfu on your list. This is one of the best islands that you can visit. With stunning scenery and lush greenery, Corfu is a lot more than just beaches. With plenty of coves, beaches and epic coastline, Corfu can provide you with some excellent vibes. While you are in Corfu you can also enjoy some delicious Greek food and wine as well. You can dine and wine at some of the popular family-owned tavernas overlooking some great views. Corfu also has some picture-perfect beaches in Greece to help you enjoy your holidays. Beaches like Canal d’Amour can provide you with the best romantic vibes for couples wanting some private time. Apart from food, beaches and stunning landscape, Corfu is also a great place for exploring historic architecture, old buildings and Greek culture.

Greek Islands


Also popularly known as Zante, Zakynthos is also one of the Greek islands that has gained a lot of popularity lately. If you are into water sports activities you can explore Zakynthos’ blue caves which are hard to find on any other Greek islands. Also, you can explore dramatic limestone cliffs which are perfect for base-jumping if you know how to swim. When it comes to beaches, Zakynthos can offer spectacular beaches like Navagio Beach (a.k.a. Shipwreck Beach) and Laganas Beach. Various beaches here offer options for parachuting, flyboarding and kitesurfing. If you love to explore outdoors you can head to the Zakynthos Marine Park and Askos Stone Park. With ample restaurants and cafes, Zakynthos is a great place for delicious Greek cuisine. Zakynthos is also a great place for exploring churches, monasteries and religious buildings.

Greek Islands


With white-washed buildings and blue waters, Santorini is known for its epic sunset views. For many years, Santorini has remained one of the popular Greek islands that never go out of style. If you prefer picture-perfect scenes and unparalleled Instragam-worthy sunset shots, Santorini is the place to go. With plenty of accommodation options, you can find some of the best rooms overlooking the Aegean Sea. Apart from beautiful sunsets, Santorini is also known for its architecture and winding alleys that give it a dream-like appearance. You can enjoy the best Mediterranean meals as you enjoy the panoramic views. Hence, there are plenty of things to do when you are in Santorini. If you are into history, you can explore places that share and reveal Santorini’s history and geography.


If you are planning to party in 2024, Mykonos is the destination you should choose. For many years, Mykonos has remained the party capital of Greece attracting people from all over the world to enjoy nightlife. Over the years, Mykonos has remained popular with celebrities and social media influencers which constantly keeps Mykonos in the spotlight. However, even if you are not into partying you can enjoy the white-washed buildings and architecture you can explore in the town. Little Venice is one of the popular locations in Mykonos where you can find ample cafes and restaurants. Mykonos has around 30 beaches and many of them are known for hosting rave parties. When you are in Mykonos you can also visit Delos for some historic sites and ruins that have now gained UNESCO heritage certification. If you are a shopaholic you can find ample stores where you can shop on the island.



When you are heading to Kefalonia you need to know what to pack for your beach holidays. Kefalonia is known for the amazing panoramic view of Myrtos Beach which attracts the most tourists. Additionally, if you are someone who prefers easy-to-reach destinations, Kefalonia is the island you should choose. Being one of the largest islands on the Ionian Sea there is a lot to cover when you are visiting Kefalonia. With its lush green landscape and old historic town, Kefalonia offers a lot more than just white sandy beaches. You can choose from a variety of budget accommodations and luxury villas that allow you to enjoy holidays just the way you prefer. When you are done walking the sandy beaches you can explore quaint villages, tiny alleys and white-washed buildings. You can also explore various restaurants and cafes in Kefalonia where you can find some of the best Greek food that you shouldn’t miss.

Greek Islands


 If you are planning a private peaceful holiday in 2024 choosing Skopelos would be a great idea. Also, popularly known as the Mamma Mia island, Skopelos is generally less busier than Skiathos, its neighbouring island. This Greek island on the Aegean Sea is ideal for those who love nature, long walks and hiking trails. Also, you can find ample Greek beaches where you can take long evening walks with your partner. If you are into water sports activities, you can enjoy some sea kayaking and snorkelling on various secluded beaches and coves. Furthermore, you can also enjoy some bicycling around the island as you find rental bikes. You can also look for various picnic spots where you can sit around and enjoy the quiet moments. Hence, you can find ample sightseeing places and locations to keep you busy throughout your trip to Skopelos.

Greek Islands


Located in the eastern Aegean Sea, Samos is quite underrated and a perfect spot for holidays in 2024. If you love exploring the lush greenery and crystal blue waters of the Greek islands, Samos is a good option. Samos is a good choice for those who want to have quality time with family and loved ones. The island is not far from Turkey and therefore you can easily access it. If you love walking the white sandy beaches and seaside restaurants and cocktail bars, Samos is one of the best Greek islands that you should put on your list. As you explore the island you can dig deeper into the history, culture, tradition and even the architecture. Here you can find some well-preserved villages and towns that speak volumes about the island’s history. 

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