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6 Tips to Save Money While Traveling in Your Mini Trailer 

How to travel with a trailer on a budget.


We all love to take trips to the beach or exotic locations, but these adventures can cost a lot. If you plan to go to another country, you will need to pay for transportation, accommodation, food, and several other things. The list could go on and on and you might not be able to manage it in your budget. Lucky for you, there is always an option of a road trip. 

You don’t need to pay extra for a road trip. All you need is a vehicle like a mini trailer and some essentials. It will be much cheaper and equally fun. The best part, you can spend quality time with your entire family because you will share your living space. 

However, at times you overspend while traveling in your mini trailer. The following tips can help you save money and make your trip more memorable. 

Purchase a Smaller RV

There is no need to purchase a massive size RV. You can easily manage every trip in a mini trailer. Mini travel trailers like the Rockwood Mini Lite 2205S costs lesser than other trailers and provide maximum comfort. 

According to experts at Wana RV center (https://www.wanarv.com/rv/rockwood-mini-lite-travel-trailers/2205S/), “Trying out a travel trailer is the ideal gateway to the wonderful perks of RV culture but without the bother of heavier campers.” Rockwood Mini Lite is the perfect example of how a smaller trailer can make your experience memorable. 

So, plan in advance and search for mini trailers near you. Once you find the right option, book it right away. At times, travel trailers are not available. So don’t delay matters. Booking in advance helps you get trailers at a lower price. 

Join a Club 

You might not know, but there are several RV clubs to help frequent travelers. If you get a membership in such a club, you can save ample money. For someone who camps once or twice every year, these clubs are beneficial.

An RV club provides benefits like discounts on parking spaces, hotels, and mechanics. Moreover, you get special deals with insurance firms that keep you safe. 

There is a long list of clubs, including Boondockers Welcome, Harvest Hosts, and Good Sam. All of these are dedicated to assisting new and old campers. 

Once you join a club, you will find traveling much cheaper. When you save more money, you enjoy a longer trip with your loved ones. Your fellow club members might even suggest affordable camping spots. 

Make a Budget 

Spending spontaneously results in extra expenditure. So, start by creating a budget before heading out on the road. See how much you can spend on food, gas, and other necessities and manage accordingly. 

You won’t go above your limit when you know how much to spend on something. That way, you will have enough supplies to last for the trip. 

Rent Supplies   

Buying everything for your trip can be expensive. Instead of purchasing new items, try renting the essentials you require. For example, you could rent cooking supplies, gaming equipment, kitchen utensils, blankets, beds, and even personal care kits. 

If you visit the market to buy these items, you could spend additional thousands of dollars. 

So, act smartly by opting to rent add-ons. People who don’t camp regularly shouldn’t waste money on these items. There are great RV dealerships and rental places that let you rent everything. 

Furthermore, while renting items, don’t go for unnecessary things. Rent what is needed and fits your budget. If you can find economical supplies from nearby dollar stores, go with them. 

Choose a Better Insurance Plan 

Renting an RV means paying a daily insurance fee and daily rental costs. However, with some research, you can find companies that let you decide on coverage and other costs. Some companies offer different levels of insurance depending on the vehicle’s value. 

On average, deductibles range from thousand to four thousand dollars for external damage. Insurance plans also cover theft, broken glass, and damage caused by falling objects. It depends on what insurance plan you choose for yourself. 

Finding affordable insurance plans is a must for every camper. You should search online and compare the prices of every insurance company. Only pick the option which covers all areas at minimum rates.   

If possible, check your existing homeowner’s insurance policy to see if you can integrate it with your motor home insurance plan and save extra cash.

Choose to Camp Off-Season 

Camping off-season can save you tons of money. There are Peak seasons and off seasons at every resort. During off-seasons, the workflow is less, and you get things at lower rates. For example, room rents, parking space rents, and other necessities are less costly. 

Instead of going to the South in the winter season and to the North in the summer, pick a flexible schedule where you can enjoy lower rates. After all, the purpose of your camping trip is to enjoy nature and family time, which is possible in every season.    


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  • Rob November 24, 2022, 7:49 am

    This is a really good article!

    In my world a 22-23′ RV is not a mini, plus you have to see if you have enough vehicle to pull what you want to buy. Give some thought to what you’ll do with it when you’re not traveling..

    There is a lot to be said for a used RV, especially if you plan to head out on an extended trip.
    You can find on-line guides in what to watch out for when you’re shopping.

    Outfitting an RV can be done on the cheap from secondhand stores. Spatulas-spoons-plates-pans-flatware-blankets from the local places will work just fine.

    There are some good apps out there for this kind of traveler… freecampsite.net & rvparky.com are just a couple of them.

    Link Reply
    • VBJ November 25, 2022, 9:30 am

      Hello Rob, I agree. RVing / trailering is a good way to travel. I imagine I’ll probably end up doing it someday. I’m kind of into the trailer idea though, as it enables you to detach and just drive your vehicle around like normal without having to bring your home with you. Thanks for the website tips. I’ll catalog them.

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