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6 Tips for Planning What Clothes to Pack for Your Trip

The clothes that you should bring with you when traveling the world.


While spring and summer are popular times of year for family vacations, group pilgrimages, and solo road trips, you can get away for relaxation and a change of pace at any time of the year.

But in addition to arranging your itinerary to pack as much fun and excitement into your trip, you must also plan your wardrobe. It’s not as simple as grabbing a few handfuls of clothing and loading them into your luggage. You need to be mindful, so you take everything you need.

Continue reading for six wardrobe-planning tips that’ll ensure you’re ready for your vacation.

  1. Consider Where You’re Headed and What You’ll Be Doing

Before putting even one item of clothing in your suitcase or carry-on bag, consider where you’re headed and what’s on the itinerary. Doing this will help you figure out what you need to take. If the weather is hot and humid in your vacation destination, you’ll want clothing suitable for the climate. But packing with the weather in mind is one thing. You also must reflect on the activities you’ll participate in. Whether swimming, scuba diving, hiking, rock climbing, or anything else, you’ll want to pack the right clothing for your vacation.

  1. Choose a Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme will simplify packing the right clothing for your trip. Do you have a favorite outfit you want to take with you? Observe the dominant color scheme and choose clothing that compliments that color scheme. Doing so will make it easier to mix and match your wardrobe items. So, if you’re struggling to start packing your wardrobe, select a color scheme.

  1. Write Down What You’ll Need

It makes sense to write down what you’ll need. Yes, create a list. The longer your vacation, the more important it is to put things down on paper. You’re less likely to forget something when you have a list, check it twice, and cross things off when you’ve packed them.

  1. Pack the Must-Haves First

Pack things you must have, like undergarments, socks, and toiletries. Those are non-negotiables. You’ll need enough to last you for your entire vacation — especially if you won’t have access to laundry machines and dryers while traveling. 

  1. Choose Footwear

You also must select the footwear for your vacation. Of course, what you take will depend on where you’re headed and what you plan to do. If you’ll be doing a lot of exploration on foot, comfortable footwear is a must. Spending time on the beach? You’ll want comfortable sandals or other footwear suitable for walking on sand. Do you plan to experience the nightlife? If so, you may want some formal footwear to fit the occasion. 

But what good are a great pair of shoes for a night out on the town if you don’t have the right outfit to go with it? Depending on what you have in your wardrobe, you may wish to buy new apparel for your trip

  1. Consider Clothes That Are Maintenance-Free

What good is bringing a bunch of clothes and having them get wrinkled by the time you arrive at the hotel? Even if you have access to an iron, do you want to spend time ironing? The chances are you don’t. If you have clothes that are resistant to wrinkles, consider bringing some of them on your vacation. Doing so will ensure you’re ready to go once you get to your destination. You won’t have to waste precious vacation time using an iron and ironing board.

When planning a vacation, you need to consider your wardrobe. If you pack without thinking things through, the odds are you’ll forget some things. So, keep these six tips in mind. After arriving at your vacation destination, the last thing you should have to worry about is what to wear.


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