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6 Things Not to Miss When You’re In Adelaide Hills

Where to go and what to do when traveling in South Australia.

Traveling to South Australia anytime soon? Make sure to make a side trip to Adelaide Hills! It’s one of the best tourist hubs that this region has to offer, so you better not miss out big time!

Below are some of the must-try activities you should plan for if you’re staying at Adelaide Hills.

1. Wander around Mount Lofty Botanical Garden

Mount Lofty is an icon in Adelaide Hills. So it would be a shame if you won’t be able to get a glimpse of it. Especially the Mount Lofty Botanical Garden.

This garden is a 97-hectare piece of land that is home to several more gardens like Australian Forest, International Rose Garden, Wetland Zone, and Garden of Health. As you can see, there are lots to marvel at in this patch of gorgeous land.

It’s just a great dreamy place where you can let yourself wander around and forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

2. Meet our friendly neighbors from the wild

If you’re a certified animal lover, visiting the Cleland Wildlife Park is the best trip for you. It’s home to several cute native animals like kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, and koalas. You can also hang out with some crocodiles in the reptile house.

They offer scheduled feeding times and keeper talks throughout the day. The best thing about it is that Cleland Wildlife Park is just a short drive away from Mount Lofty Garden!

3. Drive on a country road

This activity offered by the Prancing Horse is a luxurious one. Guests who signed up will get an opportunity to get behind the wheel and actually drive the latest models of posh cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and McLarens.

Aside from riding these beauties, the activity also offers a five-course lunch at the Vineyard and a hearty dinner at Verandah Restaurant in Mount Lofty House.

If you’re a true car head, you really don’t want to miss this one!

4. Have a taste of the wine culture

The map of Adelaide Hills is dotted with lots of cellars and distilleries. It’s the wine country as they call it. Winemakers here in Adelaide Hills offer an impressive range of premium wines like sauvignon Blancs, understated chardonnays, and velvety pinot noirs.

If you’re planning to do some wine hopping in Adelaide Hills, Deviation Road, Shaw & Smith, and Ashton Hills Vineyard are only some of the best winemakers in this region. So make sure to drop by their cellars!

5. Gin distilling at Ambleside

If you’re more of a gin person than a wine lover, the Ambleside Distillers at Mount Lofty is the perfect place for you. They’re an award-winning distillery that offers sampling activities of their impressive range of botanical-infused gins to guests.

They also regularly hold tours of the distillery, gin-making masterclasses, and meet-and-greet with the makers. All of these are happening with stunning views of Adelaide Hills in the backdrop.

6. Strawberry picking at Beerenberg

Everyone loves strawberries, there’s no doubt about that. But if you’re a big fan of strawberry jam, a day at the Beerenberg Farm is totally your jam.

The farm is just located outside of Hahndorf and this is where the magic happens before they’re bottled in a jar in the form of strawberry jam. Beerenberg Farm also offers strawberry picking activities! This happens from November to April. This is perfect for tourists who would love to experience the joy of harvesting their own food.

These are only some of the activities that you must try in Adelaide Hills. And with a little more research and exploring, you’ll find more places to visit!

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