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6 Reasons To Pick Smoky Mountains As A Honeymoon Destination

A honeymoon is an investment in your relationship, so choose your location wisely.

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Marriage is one of the largest steps you will take in your life. It’s a time for joy, celebration, and looking forward to the years ahead. However, the trend of going on honeymoons is slowly dying out, and many people would rather allocate their money towards a savings fund. As important as saving is, it’s also a great idea to occasionally treat yourself and your spouse. A honeymoon is an investment in your relationship. It gives you the chance to spend time with each other and appreciate each other’s company.

If you plan on cutting costs and maintaining a relatively cost-effective honeymoon, consider staying within the states and traveling to the mountains. Gatlinburg is one of the most scenic parts of the country and has everything you could want and more. This article will discuss why you should consider the Smoky Mountains as your honeymoon retreat. 

By the end of this article, you should have a fair idea about why it’s important to go on a honeymoon and why Tennessee might be the best place to visit. 

Amazing rental options

Finding a place to stay can pose a challenge when visiting the mountains. Do you want to cut costs or rent a room with a view? When looking for places to stay in Gatlinburg you must weigh the options and research beforehand. There is a solid chance that you will be able to find something within your budget and a room that has everything you would want from a mountain retreat.

Nestled in the heart of the Smokies, the rooms you find will almost always be worth your while and give you the mountain charm that you are looking for. 

Traveling in the offseason will further lower costs and give you a chance to save your precious cash. However, don’t limit yourself because of budget constraints. You only get one honeymoon (hopefully), and it would be best if you made it count. 

Serenity and peace

Sometimes you need to get away from it all and be one with nature. The difference between a honeymoon in a megacity and the mountains is that you can be alone in the serenity of nature. Sure, the city has a charm of its own, but there is something innately special about being so close to nature.

Going for a walk and breathing the fresh air, absorbing the greenery, and simply being there in the moment is something more people need to experience. Moreover, studies show that being close to nature is known to calm people down and put them in a better mental state. 

Spending time with your spouse in a relaxed frame of mind is something you will remember for years and maybe decades to come. 

Visit Dollywood

One of the best things about Gatlinburg is how close you are to one of the largest theme parks in the country. It may not be Disney Land or Universal Studio’s, but Dollywood has its own charm. World-famous actor and singer Dolly Parton created the theme park for people around the country to come and visit Tennessee.
Several decades on, it still stands as one of the most well-known theme parks in the country and perhaps the entire world. 

Take a trip down to Pigeon Forge and experience what the theme park offers. The ride shouldn’t take you more than half an hour, and it gives you the chance to get out and see the amazingly scenic route. If you have a car, great! If not, ask one of the local hotel staff to assist you with finding a taxi. 

Newfound gap

Up in the mountains, there is a certain point where there is minimal pollution. Therefore, you can see the night sky in all its glory. The chance to stargaze with your spouse is an experience that few people will ever know about.
We often take for granted how special a starlit sky is. Most city folks haven’t seen what the night sky is all about because of the amount of artificial light in the city. Any natural location, especially the mountains, will give you and your spouse a romantic night after you get married. 

Horse riding

Traversing the mountains and experiencing the environment on foot or in a car is one thing. But exploring the environment while riding a horse is an experience you will never forget. As if being in the mountains weren’t enough, horses are known to have an extremely therapeutic effect on the rider.

Horses are used in several kinds of therapy, especially concerning PTSD recovery. A combination of the environment, the horse ride, and the proximity to your new life partner will create a set of cherishable memories. 

The adventure of a lifetime

With a romantic getaway to the mountains, you and your new spouse can engage in many different activities that you can’t do in the city. With nature at your disposal, you can be sure that a hiking trip is in order. Walk out of your hotel/ cabin room and into the wilderness to explore what nature has to offer.
If that isn’t enough, consider white water rafting in the fast-flowing mountain rapids. Though this is an extremely thrilling activity, we suggest that you take all the recommended safety precautions and always protect yourself. 

As thrilling as nature can be, please remember that it is raw and presents dangers. The wildlife is right around the corner, and it would be wise not to get in too deep when hiking in the mountains. 


We hope you are convinced to plan out your honeymoon at a destination like the Smokies! A trip like this could set the foundation for a strong marriage for years to come. Not only does it act as a time to create new bonds and experience new things together, but you now have the chance to see more for yourself. Many people dream about a nature retreat; you now have the benefit of doing so with the person you love. 

From the best accommodation options to the thrill of nature, we have talked about some of the many reasons we think the Smokies are a great place to visit for your honeymoon. With that said, weigh the options and see what suits you best. Good luck and congratulations!


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