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6 Reasons To Get On The Road And See The World Around You

Why you should just go.

Desert road

Has the adventure bug bitten you but you don’t know where to begin? Taking a road trip is the most effective way to explore your country and see new sites.

You can hit up the great ocean road to explore beautiful beaches, or head towards the largest city in Australia. No matter where you go, the open road hold freedom, adventure, exploration and escape.

If you need the motivation to go on your own adventure, we have collected six reasons to pack your car and get on the road.

1) Tick off your bucket list without spending money

Visiting abroad can feel like the perfect escape, but air travel is expensive and results in a lot of greenhouse gas emissions. Traveling by car is much more affordable, and emits less carbon dioxide.

Although there are many countries you may still want to see, there may also be bucket list experiences near your town.

Many nature-based activities are day trips, like hiking, kayaking, rock climbing or cycling, or you can make a weekend from it and take the family along.

2) Enjoy the freedom

Car travel

Going on a road trip will give you the self-confidence to make decisions on the go. You can hit the road without any prior planning and follow road signs on a whim.

You will also have the freedom to stop whenever you want, get a bite to eat, or visit a roadside attraction.

You will be able to spend more time enjoying your trip, and less time stressing about flights, deadlines and work.

3) Consider the environmental impacts

If you have to decide between air travel or driving for your next trip, then consider the environment. Planes emit large volumes of carbon dioxide – a greenhouse gas responsible for climate change.

Airplanes also generate a lot of wasted food from meals not consumed by passengers.

If you want to cut down your greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to preventing food waste, then load up on what you will need from grocery stores and get in your car.

4) Enjoy being alone or with the family

The true power of a road trip lies in the escapism from your daily life.

If you have younger children, you can bond with them during the drive and play games in the car.

You and your partner can take time to converse and connect without distractions (we love the Skoda Karoq for family road trips),

Or, if you are driving by yourself, you can take the time to contemplate life and recharge your energy.

Driving without music or the radio on will allow your mind to wander, and you may find yourself having clarity regarding issues that have been worrying you for a while.

5) Slow travel

Taking to the road will allow you to travel at your own pace, and makes the trip about the entire journey, and not just the destination.

If you see a location next to the road that interests you, you can stop and walk around. At rest stops, you can talk to other day visitors or snack on local food. If you are driving next to the coast along the great ocean road, you can stop off at the beach and dip your toes in the water or run down the sand dunes.

Once you start making the journey fun, you will enjoy a whole new travel experience.

6) Your pet can join

A road trip is a perfect solution for a family vacation if you hate leaving your furry friends at home. Road trips hold benefits for canines and felines as well, as it stimulates their minds and gives them the opportunity to experience new smells.

You will be able to enjoy your trip more if you know that Fido is not left at home or in a boarding kennel.


The best part about car travel is that you have complete control over the entire experience. You get to arrange the schedule and where you go and can design an adventure that is unique to you and your family.

You will not only have the flexibility in deciding where to go, but also when to get there and which roads to take and sites to see on the way. Your car is a sure-fire way to see your country and to take you on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


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