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6 Reasons To Book Your Trip To Dollywood In 2023

Why you should go to this fun amusement park.


If you search for the best amusement parks in the US, you will find Dollywood in the top results. Founded and co-owned by the famous American singer Dolly Parton, this amusement park is Tennessee’s top ticketed tourist attraction. For those planning to tour the park in 2023, there is a lot of excitement awaiting them, such as the Big Bear Mountain—the longest roller coaster in the park’s history. But this is just one of the many reasons you should book a trip to Dollywood. 

Whether you’re planning a trip with family, friends, or someone special, the popular amusement park offers something for everyone. If you’ve never visited Dollywood, we’ve listed six compelling reasons for you to travel to Dollywood in the coming year. 

Amazing places to stay

Dollywood offers an extensive range of fun and entertaining experiences that you can not possibly live in a single day. You’ll need to stay for a few days to enjoy a wholesome trip, but this means finding a place of accommodation. You’d want to find a place to stay that is close to Dollywood, saving you from the hectic traffic and the unnecessary commuting time to and fro. 

There are many cabins near Dollywood, ideally built amidst the natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains. Top Cabin Rentals provides cabins with various amenities, such as an arcade game and a swimming pool. These cabins are spacious, comfortable, and also located in a serene area, so you can experience a sound sleep after returning from a hectic day of adventure at Dollywood. 

Thrilling and fun rides

Dollywood’s prime attraction is the myriad rides for visitors of all ages. We’ve taken the liberty to pick out the top-rated rides, so you don’t miss out on any fun. 

Wild Eagle

If you love roller coasters, you should try out America’s first wing coaster, Wild Eagle. Unlike regular roller coasters, the riders sit outside the track- on either side of what looks like an eagle’s wings. The coaster will swoop you across the track that goes up, down, and all around. 

Tennessee Tornado

Another prime attraction for thrill lovers at Dollywood is the Tennessee Tornado. Although it’s almost a two-minute ride, it goes so fast through twists, turns, and loops that you’ll be holding on to your seats throughout the ride.


As the ride’s name suggests, this beauty gives its riders a close experience of what it’s like to ride a dragon. The train seats are suspended downwards of the track, so your feet dangle as the ride swoops you through twists and turns. 

River Rampage

River Rampage is a must-try ride to experience rafting in the wild. The ride starts with visitors on a wooden raft, sliding down a conveyor belt like on a roller coaster. From then onwards, the rafts turn and jostle on the rapids, soaking everyone onboard. 

Big Bear Mountain

Dollywood is gearing up for the year 2023 with the launch of its longest coaster ride- Big Bear Mountain. It will reach a maximum height of 66 feet and dip down to a low of 39 inches. Opening in the spring of 2023, this ride will travel at a speed of 48 MPH carrying 20 passengers.

Splendid food

Dollywood ensures its visitors don’t go home hungry as it offers the finest southern cuisines at several of its eateries. From deep-fried or BBQ chicken to southern-style biscuits and gravy, Dollywood’s famous restaurants have it all. If you’re looking for where to start, we’d recommend Aunt Granny’s Restaurant, Miss Lillian’s Smokehouse, and Till and Harvest Food Hall. 

Another common sight is the food trucks offering the best quality snacks and full courses. Popular food trucks for savory items include The Mac Truck, Meatball Madness, and CJ’s Tacos. But if you have a sweet tooth, you’d enjoy stopping at the Donut Theory and the Sugar Queen. 

Great shows

Given that Dolly Parton owns the theme park, Dollywood doesn’t only pack thrill and excitement but also offers family entertainment shows. For instance, the Dreamsong Theatre features the show, Harmonies of the Heart, led by Dolly’s nieces and cousins. Apart from that, the Pines Theater features shows playing classic and contemporary country tunes. If you want to enjoy more southern classics, head to see the Mike Sondgradd Band at the Black Porch Theater. 

Celebratory Festivals 

Dollywood hosts seasonal festivals for its visitors and offers something unique and new with every festival. One of the most awaited celebrations is the Harvest Festival which commences from the end of September till late October. The annual festival celebrates autumn with a display of huge pumpkins and illuminated sculpted pumpkins. Another popular festival is celebrated at Christmas when the sky illuminates with millions of lights, spreading the Christmas spirit. There is also an incredible fireworks display, leaving hundreds of visitors spellbound by its magic. 

If you’re lucky enough to visit Dollywood at the time of spring, you’ll get a chance to become part of the flower and food festival, which kicks off with concerts and musicals and displays thousands of beautiful flowers. 


If you visit Dollywood during summer, you’d probably want to beat the summer heat with a dip in the water. Dollywood has left no stone unturned to provide every kind of fun, including its water park, Splash County. You can put on your swimsuit and simply jump in the pool or experience thrilling water rides. One of the most popular ones is the Fire Tower Falls, a twin slide 70 feet high. You’ll slide down and into a water-filled lane with a huge splash. 

In addition to that, you can enjoy several other exciting water rides, such as the Mountain Twist, Raging River Rapids, Big Bear Plunge, and Slick Rock Racer. 


If you’ve never been to Dollywood, 2023 is the year to pack your bags and head to the iconic theme park. It offers a complete package of fun, excitement, and thrill for its visitors, so you don’t run out of things to do. Once you’ve found the perfect place to stay nearby, you should head out to experience the exhilarating rides and seasonal festivals, watch entertaining family shows and try the local cuisine. 


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