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6 Most Fun Activities You Can Do with Your Dog While Traveling

Traveling with a dog? Check out this list of amazing things you can do together.

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Traveling with your dog is fun all by itself. The thought of tagging your best friend along with you is already exciting. However, there is a lot more you can do with your canine friend to enjoy one of the best vacations of your life.

Making time to be with your dog is a sign of love and affection for him. However, traveling with him is the opportunity to create new memories and bind more. Here are six of the most fun activities you can do with your dog when traveling:

  1. Take a hike

Dogs love to walk. It does not matter what your preference when it comes to Golden retriever vs. Labrador retriever. Regardless of the breed of dog you have, taking your dog on a hike is an activity that can make your trip fun. For one, dogs are very protective. This means that they will not let you walk too far from their sight. It also makes the perfect moment for you and your dog to unwind as you take in fresh air from nature. If you cannot find a hiking destination in your new environment, look for an area to stroll.

  1. Surf with your dog

If you are into surfing, there is no reason for you not to hit the waves just because you brought your dog with you. Dogs love surfing. In fact, dog surfing is a growing trend that pet owners are quickly embracing. Therefore, instead of leaving your pet at the hotel, hit the waves with him. The concept of dog surfing will have you pushing the board towards the waves as your dog sits or stands on it.

  1. Visit the park

If you are not already doing this before your trip, then you have not been making good use of your time with your dog. The park is the most visited lace by dog owners. It is the one place that encourages a lot of playing for your dog. It makes the perfect location to play catch and fetch. Better yet, you can meet other pet owners and allow your dog to make new dog friends in the new environment. However, be sure you carry your dog’s favorite toy before you leave how. This way, playing at the new park will not feel completely novel for your pet.

Pro tip: consider a dog park over a regular park. This way, you will not be the only pet owner who brought their dog to the park.

  1. Go swimming

Swimming is such a fun activity for both dogs and humans. If you are not in a destination where there are lakes or rivers, look for a swimming pool near you. It might help to ask the hotel you are staying at for help. However, be careful that the pool you go to allows for dogs to swim. You can also bring out your dog’s toys to play in the water.

  1. Go to a pet store

A pet store may not sound like so much fun for you, but since you are doing it with your dog, it may prove different. A pet store in a new place can be an amazing experience if you look at it as dog shopping. Find new resources and toys for your dog to help with your stay there. It is also the best place to seek for information on local dog services or nearby dog-related activities that might spice up your trip.

  1. Take pictures

There are breathtaking views that you will see during your trip, taking pictures with your dog can be fun. You can even post them on Instagram. This will inspire you to seek for better views to take better pictures with your dog.

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