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6 Destinations on Every Continent to Visit in 2020

The best places to visit on every continent.

New Zealand

If you want to set a travel goal for 2020, how about visiting each continent? While you will probably need to skip Antarctica, unless you get a job as a research scientist, the other six continents are ripe for exploration, so here are some suggestions of where to visit on each one.

Africa – Tanzania

Boasting the Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, and big 5 safaris, Tanzania is a great choice for your African adventure. You can book your trip easily via tanzaniaodyssey.com, deciding whether you want to spend time on safari, spotting elephants and giraffes, or relaxing on sun-soaked beaches. In Tanzania, you can trek through the forest and spot chimpanzees, visit volcanoes, and much more.


Asia – Japan

It’s tough to choose just one part of Asia to visit, but Japan is set to become a popular destination in 2020. You can visit temples and shrines in the mountains, learning about ancient cultures and customs, or head for the busy and colorful cities. Tokyo is a good place to start, and when you zoom to the top of the Tokyo Skytree, the tallest tower in the world, you can enjoy panoramic views across this bustling city.


Australasia – New Zealand

New Zealand has often been overshadowed a bit by the lure of Australia, but there’s plenty to enjoy in this unspoiled island nation. The South Island has mountains and lakes, ideal for hiking, kayaking, and other outdoor sports, and it’s less developed than the North. In the North Island, there’s more of a volcanic landscape, and here you’ll find the stylish city of Auckland, as well as wineries, beaches and more. Just off the coast, you can visit the spectacular Bay of Islands, where you can learn about Maori culture or just enjoy the peaceful outdoors.

Europe – Portugal

There are many big contenders for where to visit in Europe, but if you want to visit somewhere that has low-key tourism and a relaxed, creative vibe, then consider Portugal. Once a place for cheap, package holidays, thanks to the stylish cities of Lisbon and Porto, it has become a must-visit on many millennials’ travel bucket lists. Of course, if you simply want a beach holiday, there are plenty of resorts, especially along the Algarve, where you’ll enjoy sandy beaches and clear seas.


North America – the Virgin Islands

Surrounded by the warm Caribbean Sea, the Virgin Islands are the perfect place for island-hopping travel lovers. The Virgin Islands are owned by different nations, and there are plenty of places to suit different travel styles, from the unspoiled St John for eco-tourists to Tortola with its luxury resorts and sailing clubs.

Virgin Islands

South America – Colombia

Still got vacation time and money left? Good. Once you get around to South America, head for Colombia for that very South American blend of colorful cities and lush landscapes. Coffee is perhaps the country’s most famous export, and you can tour coffee plantations and the small towns populated by farmers. Hikers will love the Cocora Valley with its green mountains and cloud forest, and there are dense rainforests and unspoiled beaches to enjoy.

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