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5 Ways Travel Bloggers Can Build a Highly Engaged Email Marketing List

How to keep your audience engage via email campaigns as you blog your way around the world.

Even in the age of WeChat, WhatsApp, and Facebook, email marketing remains among the most effective ways for travel bloggers to connect with their audience. With a list of passionate subscribers following your every move around the world, sending out compelling email messages through which they can further engage with your travels, click through to your blog, and rack up those much coveted conversions. But in order to get the results you’re after, you’re going to have to develop an email marketing campaign that could be described as great. The following are five tips that will enable you to do just that:

1. Don’t take shortcuts

Never buy or rent established email lists. It may make you feel cool to claim that you have thousands of subscribers right off the bat, but the value of this easily obtained “audience” is dubious and this is not a long-term sustainable strategy. Instead, put in the leg work to build up your own unique audience. These are the people who are going to be passionate about what you’re doing, buy your merchandise, and share your story with others.

2. Perfect the intake form

While requesting contact information from those who are signing up for your list, you have the opportunity to ask for a few more details that could help you further personalize the subscriber’s experience with your travels. Simply asking them for a few more details, such as their birth date, preferences in services, places they like to travel most, etc — can help you to  start delivering personalized email messages to your subscribers, providing them with a more fulfilling experience and keep them engaged long into the future.

3. Get to know your subscribers

That said, developing a highly engaged email marketing list requires getting to know who is following you. Are the fans of your travel blog the type that appreciates five-star luxury or are they hardened backpackers who want the cheapest deals possible? With email marketing automation pulling in relevant data about your subscribers, it can enable you to deliver more personalized experiences that increase your ability to connect with them.

4. Personalize the content

Now that you know who your audience is, it’s time to personalize your content to better match what they’re after. Pay attention to the cues that inform you about what types of services the different sectors of your audience are after and create content and customize your email marketing campaigns to match this. And, above all else, keep your audience’s preferences in mind; ask how can you delight them, how you can engage them, and how you can help them with each and every email campaign.

5. Create engaging content and value-adding landing pages

Your content is your most valuable asset. A great email marketing campaign with little substance behind it will get you nothing in the end. You need the content to back up your claims in your email campaigns. So invest time in developing visually interesting pages and rich content to further engage your audience and pull in new subscribers. Keep your followers’ journey in mind as much as you do your own when traveling the world blogging, and watch your email marketing list grow and grow.

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