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5 Top Reasons to Visit Pigeon Forge This Year

Where to go and what to do.

Pigeon Forge

Vacation time is everyone’s favorite part of the year. After rolling through the pressing routines of your life for endless months, it is finally your time to take a break and wear off some exhaustion. You don’t have to stress about getting your kids ready for school, the weather seems good, and the roads are brimming with excited tourists. The most difficult decision for your family might be choosing the destination. However, if you look closely, it is easiest to make! You might have many places in mind from all over the country or want to stay close. Your defined budget and limited days might not allow you an extensive traveling plan. If you are looking for a family-friendly place that is convenient and nearby, Pigeon Forge, nestled in east Tennessee, is the answer for you.

Whether you are an adventurer, nature enthusiast, or food lover, Pigeon Forge will keep you sated in all aspects. Speckled with so many scenic spots, historical heritages, and entertainment areas, this mountain resort city will be a sight for your sore eyes. If you are not already familiar with this town and what it offers, here are some reasons you should consider visiting it this year. 

Fun Places to Eat:

When you are on vacation, dining out becomes a regular thing. But what draws a customer to one restaurant over and over again? It may be service, décor, or food that sets the preferences. Perhaps it is the overall experience you go through and the tales you report back to your family and friends. Dining is no longer just having good food and chitchat with your peers. Food becomes more enjoyable when you couple it with entertainment. The Pigeon Forge dinner shows will take your mealtime to another level by incorporating theatrical elements and making it an experience of a lifetime. Imagine the upscale in your culinary experience with live entertainment while feasting on the most delicious food. 

To satisfy your entertainment and food cravings all at once, consider joining Dolly Parton’s Stampede. You can savor a four-course meal topped with a delicious dessert, all while enjoying thrilling horse riding stunts, friendly competitions, spectacular music productions, and much more. And you do not have to be some distant spectator! Take a stroll to have a close-up look at the beautiful breeds of horses in the Horse Walk and admire your entertainment stars of the night before the show begins. 

Museum Attractions:

Want to dig into the past? Pigeon Forge is home to some magnificent museum attractions with superb artifacts of history combined with entertainment of all sorts. So if you want a break from outdoor activities and immerse in figments of the past, visit some of the best Pigeon Forge museums and relive them. 

If you are a Hollywood fan, click some photographs with your favorite stars in the Hollywood Wax Museum. It contains life-like statues of classic Hollywood entertainers and legendary musicians of both past and the present. Another unique museum in Pigeon Forge you can not miss out on is the Titanic Museum Attraction. This museum contains original artifacts from the titanic and full-size recreation of the rooms designed after studying the original blueprints of this ship.

To look into the most famous crime moments in US history, do not forget to stop by Alcatraz East Crime Museum. For a mix of education and entertainment, visit WonderWorks and learn about the different phenomena of nature, including light, sound, natural disasters, space, and more. There is a large variety of such museums to keep you fixated throughout the trip. All you have to do is to identify your taste and choose the museums accordingly.  

Surrounding Destinations:

If you are awe-struck by the wonders of Pigeon Forge, wait till you get to its breathtaking surrounding destinations. It is the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains, the home to a scenic mountain range and national park. Renowned for its spell-bounding sceneries, diversity of plants and animals, gushing waterfalls, ancient mountains, and remnants of Southern Appalachian mountain culture, this National Park is an additional perk of visiting this town. One can not complete a trip to Pigeon Forge without hiking or taking a jeep tour through these mountains. The serenity and calmness that the abundance of nature endows will leave a lasting impression on your mind and soul.      

Fun Outdoor Activities:

Outdoor activities are a means of actively engaging in your trip and extracting joy from them. These will be the ones giving you the most vivid memories and a recollection of stories to tell on your return. So if you are a patron of outdoor activities and want to heighten your experience, look no further than Pigeon Forge.  Whether you are on a getaway for the weekend or a week, you will have all your days occupied with plenty of fun activities this place offers. From hiking to ziplining, rafting, rollercoaster rides, nature walks, and bird watching, Pigeon Forge has something for every age group. Whether you spend the day at theme parks doing water sports that spike your adrenaline or do some sightseeing, you will never have a dull outdoor moment there. So choose an activity compatible with your interests and make the most of your trip.

Ideal Location:

If you do not want to spend much time on the road and are looking for a tourist destination nearby, you can always turn to Pigeon Forge. It is within a day’s drive of two-thirds of the United States east of the Mississippi River. You can save some bucks on plane fares and gas with shorter distances. Savings are likely the main limiting factor in planning any trip. The less fuel expenditure would make you want to hit the road immediately! It will also save you a lot of time that you can dedicate to doing fun activities at your destination.


Whether you want a quick respite from your strenuous routine or are planning an extended getaway, Pigeon Forge is a great place to visit any time of the year. Plan the itinerary accordingly, depending upon what you want to make out of your trip. This town will always have something of your interest and budget. So grab the opportunity for fun and nature exploration, and you will return home with your spirits and energy levels rejuvenated! 

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