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5 Tips For An Awesome First Trip To Tennessee

Where to go and what to do.


The great state of Tennessee has some of the richest histories in the United States. Now housing several metropolitan cities, TN has grown to become one of the country’s most popular states, with a lot to do for the average person. Whether you are a city person or a nature lover, Tennessee has something for everyone, should they give it a chance. 

This article is for all of you who haven’t been to the state. Trying out new things is one of the best things you can do for your health and peace. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on the Smoky Mountain region of the area. This is one of the most naturally diverse locations and is one of the most beautiful parts of the state. 

With restrictions lifting, life returning to normal, and most people dying to get out of their cities, it’s time to think outside the box and see more of what is out there. Here are five tips you want to consider for an awesome first trip to good ol’ Tennessee. 

Find yourself a great place to stay

When traveling, your accommodations can make or break your trip. If you are traveling on a budget, you may enjoy the charm of a cheaper rental. However, these cabins might start to bother you at some point, especially when you want to stay in and just relax. It’s human nature to desire comfort from time to time. Therefore, if you want a luxurious yet budget-friendly place to stay, research some of the best Tennessee cabin rentals that offer everything you are looking for. 

You want to get the most rustic feel of the place when living in the mountains, and what better way than by staying in a cabin that offers great views and amenities? 

You have a diverse range of options when it comes to choosing the cabins that suit you best. From private pools to multi-bedroom cabins, there is something for everyone. 

Go hiking in the mountains

It wouldn’t be wise to venture out on your own; this is, after all, a mountain range with dense vegetation. You never know what may be in the brush. Therefore, always travel with a tour guide. Moreover, with loose rocks and soil, there is always a risk of you slipping and falling when trying to climb steep slopes.

The National Park has certain trails that are slightly easier to climb. However, keeping a guide with you Is the best way to ensure that you are safe, you don’t get lost, and you get the best hiking experience. 

Make sure you wear closed shoes, carry plenty of water, and always keep your cell phone handy. In case of an emergency, you need to have access to the authorities through your cell phone. Far too many people leave their phones behind and have no way of calling for help if the need ever arises. 

Go to Dollywood

Dolly Parton has made a career in entertainment and millions of dollars in Hollywood. However, we often forget that she owns one of the largest theme parks in the country, which is named after her! Dollywood is one of the most exciting theme parks you will ever visit. It’s right up there with the best of them and will surely be a memory you won’t soon forget. Just make sure you don’t eat too much before going on the rides.

Adults can consider having a delicious dinner at the Stampede show after a long day in the theme park. Spending the day at Dollywood is one of the best ways to digest Tennessee and truly appreciate your surroundings in the Smoky Mountains. 

Go white water rafting

White water rafting is one of the most thrilling experiences you will ever have in Tennessee. You could find some of the best facilities right here in the Smoky Mountains if you choose to venture out. 

However, rafting in the rapids is a dangerous activity that can be deadly in some cases. To ensure your and the safety of your loved ones, you should all be wearing a life jacket, helmet, and other relevant safety items, following your guide’s instructions. Moreover, it would be wise not to pull your phone out too often because it may end up at the bottom of the river if you aren’t careful. 

You need to follow the guide’s instructions down to the minor details. It is imperative that you listen to the briefing and understand the ins and outs of rafting as soon as you can. Due to the flow of the water, you might not be able to hear the guide over the roaring sound. Therefore, listen to the instructions the first time.  

Taste some of the cuisines that are popular countrywide

The south is generally known to have some of the best fried and BBQ chicken in the world. Therefore, it would be a shame if you didn’t try it out before leaving Tennessee. There is something different about the Tennessee-style BBQ sauce that you just can’t put your finger on. You MUST try it.
Tennessee is known for its BBQ Chicken, Moonshine and Coffee. You can try all of them while visiting the Smoky Mountains. However, if you are drinking, please do it responsibly. Moonshine is extremely potent, so please don’t drive after having consumed too much (or any at all). 

Get to know the cuisine and bring some of the fusion back home with you. You can pick up a bunch of sauces and spices to add to your cooking. It’s always a great way to mix things up and add a bit of diversity. 


Visiting Tennessee will surely be one of the best decisions you will ever make. You may not want to spend too much time in the mountains because it can become mundane after a while. Therefore, consider vacationing for a long weekend and coming back the following week.
From cabins of your choice to delicious cuisines, we have covered some of the best things you can do when visiting the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee for the first time. We hope you have a great trip and that this is everything you wanted out of your vacation. Have fun!

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