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5 Things to Do in China for Kids

Traveling in China with children? This is where to go and what to experience.

Traveling to China with your children is sure to be a fun and educational experience, with over 2,000 kid-friendly museums to check out. Is history not your cup of tea? It turns out that there is a wealth of fun to be had in this beautiful country with your kids.

#1: The Great Wall in Beijing

Visiting the Great Wall at Mutianyu is a must-do adventure. This particular section is known to be child-friendly, and easy to climb. Traveling down the wall is the really fun part, which consists of an exciting toboggan ride down the Great Wall.

Great Wall of China

#2: Theme Parks in Shanghai

Shanghai is full of exciting places for your kids to explore. You can begin your day visiting the top of the Shanghai Tower, which is the world’s second tallest building. Travel around Shanghai on their lightning-fast magnetically-levitated trains, which will take you to one of the most fun circuses in the world, called Shanghai Circus World. Top off your adventure with a visit to Shanghai Disneyland Park.

Shanghai themepark

#3: Exploring the Natural Beauty of Guilin

When you take your kids to Guilin, you may spend the day touring the countryside by bike, or hiking perhaps along the rice terraces. A day in Guilin is a real hands-on experience for your kids. Cruise along the Li River, visit a local market or learn to cook an authentic Chinese dish. Create your own artwork using stones and trinkets handpicked from the Li River.


#4 Cycling in Xi’an

Although Xi’an is known for its historical sites, you and your kids don’t have to spend the day visiting all of them. Why not take your kids cycling on the ancient wall? They also have other artsy fun available there such as constructing tiny terracotta warriors, Chinese paper cutting and making oriental decorations.

Kid cycling

#5 Hong Kong Fun

Hong Kong has been described as China with a Western quality. It is full of parks, mountains and nature reserves. Did I mention Hong Kong Disneyland? Off the beaten path, you can take a boat ride in a fishing village, ride the tram up Victoria Peak, and spend your day at the beach.

Hong Kong

Traveling to China with your kids is certain to be loads of fun for you and your family! But prior to your visit you should check your passport for passport validity of more than 6 months before visiting China.

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