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5 Incredible Gifts For The Traveler This Holiday Season

What to get for the world travelers on your shopping list.


Here’s a problem. You want to buy a gift for someone who loves to travel but you also care a lot about the environment. You don’t want to buy flight, train, or ferry tickets, or anything else that might pollute or damage the planet, so what do you do?

This Holiday season we’ve put together some suggestions to overcome your concerns, and to let you choose a travel gift, with an easy conscience.

Give an amazing experience with Tinggly

Tinggly is an experience gift company completely changing the way we give gifts. But first, what is an experience gift?


Tinggly’s motto is ‘Give stories, not stuff’, a slogan which goes a long way towards explaining the idea behind experience gifts. It seems that people are becoming tired of collecting possessions,  and of gathering more useless things which only end up in storage, or worse still, in a landfill site.

A Tinggly gift box – which comes in a variety of price ranges – contains hundreds of experience gifts from all around the world. Experiences like a horseback lava-tour in Iceland, a Hunter Valley wine tour in Australia, an amazing sunset dinner cruise in Hawaii, or a tandem skydive in South Africa. Tinggly experiences range from pure adrenalin rushes to pampering spa treatments, something for everyone.

But here’s the real pitch – Tinggly is 100% dedicated to ensuring that every experience is fully sustainable and that the whole process does nothing to damage the planet.

In fact, here’s how Tinggly is committed to protecting the environment:

  • Tinggly removes 33lbs (15Kg, or approx 660 plastic bottles) from the environment for every experience gift redeemed
  • The carbon footprint of every Tinggly experience is offset by a whopping 200%
  • Tinggly has physically installed plastic trash-traps in the rivers of the Indonesian island of Bali
  • All Tinggly packaging is 100% recycled/recyclable and all inks used are environmentally friendly

A Tinggly gift is a gift you can give with absolute confidence that your actions have had no harmful effects on the planet. In fact, the opposite applies, Tinggly is a completely positive experience for the environment and its inhabitants.

Battle Green Gift Box

Battle Green gift box

When we think about protecting the environment we usually think on a large scale. But many of the smaller, every-day items we use are just as harmful as the larger, more visible items. Things like cotton buds, shampoos, deodorants, and drinking straws.

Battle Green is an online store dedicated to those who want to make a difference on a micro-level. With a growing range of gift boxes dedicated to travelers, adventurers, and every person who cares about the environment, Battle Green is providing gift solutions for those with a green conscience.

The assortment of gift boxes contains a large selection of recyclable or reusable every-day products; bamboo cutlery sets, organic cotton shopping bags, solid vegan shampoo bars, bamboo toothbrush, and travel case, natural exfoliating sponges, bamboo cotton buds, reusable menstrual pads, and coconut shell food bowls.

Every item from the Battles Green range takes a zero-waste approach to sustainability, and finally eliminates many of the harmful products we take for granted.

Filtered water bottles

Filtered water bottles

It’s no secret that travelers like to carry their own water supply everywhere they go. But, not every destination can guarantee a clean and potable water supply.

And one more thing, many travelers are aware of the damage plastic water bottles do to the environment, especially the ocean and they have no desire to be part of this global problem – did you know that almost 400,000 barrels of oil are used to manufacture plastic water bottles every year – only 30% of which are recycled.

That’s where filtered water bottles come into the equation.

OK, there’s a lot of choices out there, and filtered water bottles come with many different specs, such as capacity, number of filters, weight, material, and filter life capacity, but the best advice – especially if gifting for travelers – is to take weight and durability into consideration. Do your research and think carefully if the filter bottle you choose would suit you on your travels.

And remember, with a filter water bottle you can be sure of eliminating over 99% of water-related bacteria and viruses. Plus the filter itself remove sediments, silt, and chemicals such as chlorine, benzene, along with elements such as lead and arsenic.

Paying for carbon footprint emissions

Paying for carbon footprint emissions

For travel addicts, the size of their carbon footprint is a growing concern. Of course, travel-addicts love to travel, but most realize that every flight they take, and every journey they engage in creates a trail of carbon wherever they go. No matter what you do when you travel it’s almost impossible to avoid leaving a carbon footprint. Cars, trains, planes, and other forms of transport all add to this carbon footprint and a traveler’s guilty conscience.

One way to get around this huge problem for the environment, and the planet, is by purchasing carbon offset credits. Carbon offsets are a great way to address climate change and promote the use of renewable energy solutions. Carbon offsets let you neutralize your carbon footprint while promoting a more sustainable future for everyone.

Buying a carbon offset for a traveler also helps to support local communities through tree planting schemes and other forms of carbon-neutral energy production.

Most organizations that provide carbon offset solutions allow you to calculate the carbon footprint associated with a particular journey, or activity and purchase the necessary offset to cover the damage to the environment. A carbon offset voucher gives travelers the peace of mind to undertake their travels and adventures with peace of mind.



Books of any kind are essential for anyone who travels. Whiling away the hours on long-haul flights, killing boredom while waiting for delayed flights, trains or ferries, plus, books can be a great escape from travel companions or when you wish to avoid contact in hostels or public places.

Books, in simple, are an amazing and invaluable travel friend, but what happens when you finish that great novel or travel biography, start again?.

E-Readers like a Kindle are a virtual library, a constant source of reading materials for anyone on the go. Just load up your Kindle with your favorite best-sellers, magazines, newspapers, or travel guides and you’re ready for the road.

A couple of things to remember when choosing an e-reader for a travel addict is to keep in mind the size of the screen, the weight of the reader (weight is always important to travelers), whether it has backlighting – another super feature – and the amount of storage (literally the size of the library it can hold). E-readers like Kindles come in a range of prices, the bigger the price, the more you get. Regardless of price, the gift of books is always welcome to anyone who spends their time in motion from place to place.

Aside from the ones already mentioned above, there are other great things you can give as gifts too. There is a kind of gift basket that the intrepid traveler would appreciate as well. And that is the best wine gift baskets! They can use the personalized gear to enjoy the fine spirits that comes with the basket while they relax after a long ride. Getting a gift basket saves you the time and effort of thinking about what to get them. Everything is carefully curated so you can be certain that the recipient will appreciate the gift as much as you enjoyed choosing it.

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