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5 Great Podcasts To Learn Cool Tricks About How To Build Your Next Mobile App

Some podcasts for digital nomads who earn their travel funds developing mobile apps.


In recent years, as our attention spans reduce and multitasking popularity increases, more of us are turning our attention towards podcasts.

Although nobody had heard of them little more than a decade ago, now most people will have listened to at least one in their lifetime.

The good thing about podcasts is that they provide you with an opportunity to listen to lots of different things covering many different genres, and there’s no real limit to how many podcasts you can listen to at one time.

If you’re reading this post, however, we assume that you’re looking to find podcasts specifically about the technology world, and mobile apps in particular.

With that being said, you could be here because you’re curious, wondering if podcasts are even worth listening to and whether they’re any better than the alternatives.

According to those who make them, and listen to them regularly, they’re definitely worth it.

In fact, delving into one topic within an industry for an hour each week is probably far better than watching a quick overview on the likes of YouTube or reading about it in a blog post.

With that being said, not all podcasts were created equally, and finding those that are worth listening to can take some time.

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you, and have narrowed down the top podcasts to listen to if you want to learn tricks about how to build your next mobile app.

Coding Blocks

Coding Blocks is a well known podcast that was set up by a few programming professionals after they became frustrated by the lack of pre-existing programming podcasts.

With years of experience between them, they decided to launch their own podcast to teach others about the best programming practices, and help people understand other aspects of the industry like algorithms and paradigms.

It’s important to note that these people aren’t versed in one particular type of programming language, but this can be beneficial for those wanting something more generalized.

If you’re looking to dip your toe in the water, or understand programming on a superficial level so you can be more direct when asking for help in the development of your app, this is definitely the podcast for you.

As well as helping you to be more direct, some of their podcast episodes may also bring up ideas you hadn’t previously considered, giving you means to improve your app before it’s left the drawing board.

Talk Python To Me

If you’re looking to learn about a particular kind of programming that will help you with building your mobile app, the Talk Python To Me podcast is probably the best option for you.

Having been rated the best option available for python developers and lovers, it will provide you with a full understanding of what you can expect should you choose to program your app using this software.

Those behind the podcast say that it focuses on dumbing down difficult to learn programming language so that even those who are new to the software can understand it.

As you follow through with their podcast episodes week on week, the things they talk about will slowly become more complicated, allowing you to build your skills relatively passively over a longer period of time.

Healthcare: At The Forefront Of Healthcare Innovation

The easiest way to learn cool tricks when building your mobile app are to listen to podcasts that are relevant to your niche.

If you take time to focus specifically on those who promote innovations and the digital world, you are likely to encounter several that focus on mobile apps as these are becoming more popular every year.

In the healthcare industry, one of the best podcasts you can listen to is Healthcare: At The Forefront Of Healthcare Innovation.

Although they don’t always focus specifically on innovations related to mobile apps, they discuss a number of technological advancements you could try using to stand out in the industry.

They also regularly interview some of the leaders of innovation in the healthcare industry who do have mobile apps.

Recently, they had Victor Wang on, CEO of Care.Coach, who spoke about how his app was innovating how elderly people received support with their psychological health and managing chronic conditions.

These interviews can be used as inspiration and help you come up with your own ideas about how you’re going to implement features in your own app that best suit your industry.

Accidental Tech

If you’re looking to launch your app in the Apple app store, you need to be listening to this podcast.

It focuses specifically on the latest iOS apps and the Apple ecosystem as a whole, with weekly hour and a half predictions on everything you need to know about the industry.

Although it’s impossible to be up to date once your app has launched, knowing the best practices for the app store will give you the best chances of success once you do.

Some of their episodes may also give you pointers on how to entice sales, and what you can do in pre-production in order to potentially go viral afterwards.

Android Authority

If you’re looking to launch your app on the Google Play Store as opposed to or in addition to the Apple Store, the Android Authority podcast is going to be extremely helpful for you.

Working in a similar way to the apple version above, this podcast will provide you with the latest information about the Android ecosystem, popular apps, news and the platform itself.

This will be the first place to reveal future developments, helping you to be ahead of the game and to avoid potentially costly mistakes when developing your app.

Again, through listening to this podcast you may also pick up cool tricks about how to popularize your app and market it for the Google Play Store specifically.


The truth is, learning the best practices about a mobile app isn’t the easiest task, especially using conventional and oversaturated sources like YouTube and popular blogs.

When there were 194 billion global app downloads in 2018, according to Digital Authority Partners, however, it’s essential that you learn what will make you stand out from your competition.

These podcasts can help you do just that, by providing you with a new way to take in information in a generally passive way, allowing you to learn a lot more in a more concentrated period of time.

The great thing about podcasts is that there are so many of them that you don’t necessarily have to choose between them to avoid conflicting information either.

In fact, you could probably listen to all of the ones we have recommended without getting confused, giving you optimal chances to learn more tricks of the trade.


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