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5 Fitness Tips You Can Do While You Travel the World

Just because you’re traveling the world doesn’t mean you can’t get fit.

When you travel the world, it can be hard to stay healthy. You are usually in a different climate, eating different food and drinking different water than what you are used to at home. This can lead to some serious health problems down the road if not addressed now! Here are five tips that will keep your body healthy while you travel:

Drink More Water

Your body will be dehydrated more often than usual when you travel. This means that it will take longer for your body to process the alcohol or foods and drinks, leading them straight into fat tissue instead of muscle tissue if not hydrated properly.

– Drink at least one glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have.

– Have a large bottle of water with you everywhere so that you can keep drinking while moving around the city or region.

– Drink some water an hour before exercising to give your body time to process it and hydrate itself properly, leading to better results during exercise.

It is important to have a water filter because you cannot trust tap water in many places. We recommend that you choose a Berkey water filter to ensure the safety of your drinking water.

– If you are traveling in a more humid climate (Asia, Caribbean), then it is important to be even MORE diligent about staying hydrated than usual because the air will not allow your body to release sweat as easily, meaning less cooling down! This means that dehydration could happen far faster without proper measures taken by the traveler.

– If your body gets dehydrated quickly (perhaps because of medication or illness), be careful about drinking alcohol or eating spicy foods when traveling — they will only dehydrate you further and exacerbate the problem. Make sure that someone else can help watch over you in case something happens so that no one has to rely on an ambulance coming through during an emergency where everyone needs their wits about them.

Eat More Veggies

You can’t always count on getting the right amount of veggies when you’re traveling. This is because many vegetables are not grown in different climates and may be difficult to find! Pack some extra veggie snacks with you or eat more fruit instead (it still has fiber!)

– If you stay in a place for more than one month, make sure to buy veggies at the local markets instead of relying on restaurants or cafes.

– Pack some extra veggie snacks with you just in case! There is nothing worse than being hungry and not finding anything healthy nearby that isn’t fried or covered in oil.

– If you are going to a place with lots of fruits, eat more of those instead. This means grabbing an apple or banana for breakfast in the morning and maybe having some fruit midday if hungry.

Pack Protein Bars

While it may be easier to find junk food on the go, packing protein bars can help keep you healthy while traveling. This is because they are quick and easy to eat when needed without stopping at a restaurant or waiting for your order!

– Bring at least two with you, don’t rely on finding them in the city or region.

– This is a great way to have some quick energy before going for a hike or bike ride, especially if it is your first time doing so! Protein bars are also easy to carry, and most people can eat them quickly without feeling sick afterward.

– If you want something that tastes better, then go ahead and buy one from a local grocery store but make sure they aren’t loaded up with sugar lookout for labels saying “no added sugars” instead of just reading the back label where heavily processed ingredients could be hiding under different names—for example, maltodextrin, glucose syrup solids, etc.

Pack a Portable Protein Shake

If you’re not into protein bars, packing a portable shake can be even better. You won’t have to worry about them spoiling, and they are easier than carrying around cans!

– Stay away from any protein shakes that are chunky. These will be hard to drink when on the go and can also spoil quickly.

– Look for ones that you can easily mix into the water instead of having to carry around milk or juice as well! This way is both more efficient, cheaper, and easier than being forced to buy a bunch of bags of groceries just so you have enough food.

Pack Trail Mix

By far, the easiest snack to pack that isn’t loaded with sugar or salt is trail mix. It’s quick and easy, great for hiking trips, biking trails, etc., tastes good enough on its own while also being a filling source of healthy fats and protein.

– Make sure the only ingredient listed on the package says “nuts” — this means you can eat them right away without having to worry about any other ingredients hidden inside!

– If they have chocolate chips in them, then make sure it is dark chocolate instead of milk or white chocolate because both are full of added sugars which will add up over time if eaten every day. Additionally, milk chocolates do not contain as many cocoa solids as dark ones, so they won’t provide as many health benefits.

If you follow these tips, it will be much easier to maintain your health when participating in activities like hiking, biking through nature trails, white water rafting, etc., without worrying about getting sick from food poisoning or not being able to hydrate properly.


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