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4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Vacation

How to have the best vacation possible.


You want your vacation to be the best it can be, everyone does. There are tons of hoops to jump through to make that dream a reality, such as packing, planning, and finding the right place to go. Knowing how to start planning for that dream vacation can be overwhelming, but that’s where we come in. 

In this article we will share ways to make your vacation the best  it can possibly be, with strategies and tools that will help you get your vacation from mind to matter.

1. Maximize Your Time On The Trip 

When you’re supposed to be making memories, nothing is worse than wasting your precious time. While we haven’t quite figured out time machines yet, a bit of planning ahead can make a big difference for your vacation. Besides just making a simple agenda, you could use a group meeting scheduler to plan out spots, eats, and thrills with friends and family both before and during the trip. This not only gives your vacation a bit of structure, it also helps it be more fluid, as you can easily tack on last minute events.

It’s also worth researching the spots you plan to hit before you go! This helps you get a better idea of what’s to come before the trip even starts. Look into restaurants, excursions, hotels, and anything else with reviews. You might even discover better alternatives with a simple Google search! Researching ahead of your schedule will help you save money, pain, and time. Making the most out of every second of your vacation is essential to having the best vacation possible. 

2. Don’t Overpack, but do “Just-In-Case” Pack 

Remember that everything you bring on a trip is something you have to carry. Having an extra suitcase might not sound too bad, until you have to pay airline fees, haul it around, and end up exhausted getting from hotel to hotel. Pack light but pack right. Take what you need for your trip, while avoiding maybe and what-if clothes. If you have a rough idea of your vacation plan, you should be able to pack around it. 

However, it’s also extremely worth throwing in some “just-in-case” options. Bringing jeans to the Bahamas might sound foolish, until a fancy dinner requires long pants. Figuring out what you might need and appreciate bringing is all about thinking forward. If it’s going to rain, a raincoat might be worth taking, or if airplanes are often cold, a light coat can be a lifesaver. Think about what you might need, for any reason, and decide what you think is worth taking. Packing right eliminates a problem many vacationers face, and will help you get the most out of your trip!

3. Look Past Big Travel Agencies for Inspiration

Travel agencies are a great starting point for any vacation planning, as they provide tons of easy to book places, excursions, and trips that you can browse through. However, the options provided to you often represent the tip of the travel iceberg. To make the most of your vacation, it’s absolutely worth searching for inspiration from the road less traveled by, as it’s sure to make all the difference. 

Travel blogs are a good springboard for your own vacations. Live vicariously through another traveler, and if something sounds especially fun, go and do it yourself! Travel blogs are also great because they are often planned around the number of travelers – whether you are solo, in a group, or traveling with family. This helps you better determine what types of travelers the trip is being planned around, and if it’s right for you. 

If you have niche or specific questions about a destination, it might be worth seeking out an online forum for travel on social media like Facebook or Reddit. Connecting with real people with real experience can be helpful and reassuring as you prepare for your vacation. Unlike travel agencies and travel blogs, the people you are talking with don’t have an audience to appease and maintain, making their advice all the more trustworthy. It’s also sure to expose you to hole-in-the wall experiences you would have otherwise never heard of. 

4. Find a Balance of Comfy and Daring

Going on a vacation should mean taking some time to relax! It’s the perfect time to let loose, catch up on some well needed sleep, while also getting some amazing experiences. However, finding your balance between comfy and daring is essential for getting the most out of your trip. 

Comfy refers to activities meant to be well within your comfort zone. From relaxing at the beach to going on your umpteenth hike, these activities are an important part of making your vacation fun. Daring, on the other hand, refers to activities that represent new and exciting activities you’ve never done before. When traveling somewhere new, going out of your way to do something you couldn’t do anywhere else is an easy way to have a memorable trip.

Everyone’s balance between these two is different. Some people prefer to stick to a single destination, while others would rather have a totally new experience every trip! Think about what’s most important for you on a trip, and with that in mind, plan your activities out with the balance you’ve found. 

The Golden Rule

The golden rule of vacationing is to remember to relax. You’re putting in a lot of effort ahead of time, looking forward to the trip you’re planning, just don’t forget to actually relax once you arrive. Even if disaster strikes, remember that it’s just going to make the travel story more memorable. So hop on that plane, find that beach, and relax the night away!


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