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4 ways to get around Montreal

How to travel through Canada’s second largest city.

Montreal skyline

During Mark Twain’s 19th-century visit to Montreal, he called it the “city of hundred bell towers.” There is no doubt that Montreal’s rich culture and history reflect upon all the magnificent structures filling its landscape. 

On top of that, the city of Montreal hosts hundreds of festivals every year! Montreal is cool and hip as it exists. While visiting the city, you can catch any live event occurring in your vicinity. 

 If you come upon this lovely city, it presents many landmarks to visit. Each of these areas has a story to share. So what are you waiting for? We invite you to read below if you want to get around Montreal with various methods.

An Affordable Traveling Method for Exploring Montreal

The city of Montreal mixes history and modern culture at the same time. Finding yourself inside this beautiful city will leave you in awe! Like other famous global destinations, you will discover various areas that pique your interest. Montreal has old churches, museums, amusement parks, and even a botanical garden!

One of the best experiences you can get while in Montreal is its nightlife! Try the best bike sharing solution in Montreal to visit some of its downtowns. You can relax listening to Jazz and take in a positive energy that this city shares with you. Numerous restaurants are offering native food you might want to try! 

Montreal combines different cultures into one city. Whether you want to learn about Canadian, European, American, Canadian, Traditional, and Futuristic, the city has it all! You can witness its mixture with its buildings. In some of its urban areas, you will see buildings varying in design and colors. These structures perfectly blend with the city’s vast landscape and green scenery. 

Being the second-largest city in Canada: Montreal has the largest population that speaks French. It is no surprise since the first Europeans that arrived in Montreal were from France. The first French explorers brought sophistication and elegance to European countries in the past few centuries. As a result, we get a Canadian city with a French taste! 

Montreal mixes European, Canadian, and other cultures successfully. You will see many ancient buildings built in the 17th century still standing! Montreal is one of the oldest urban destinations in North America. Suppose you live in the US or any nearby country and want to get a European experience, then let Montreal be your next destination.

How to Travel Around Montreal

The city of Montreal represents various cultures mixed into one place. There is no doubt that many people want to visit the city or live within it. Aside from that, there are many opportunities that Montreal can offer you! So if you arrive in Montreal, let this section be a guide showing you how to explore its impressive landscape. 


Montreal has its train system so that its occupants can quickly get from one point to another. The city’s Metro system is clean, fast, and reliable. On top of that, the Metro covers a large part of the city. Montreal’s four Metro lines are famous in four different colors: Orange, Green, Blue, and Yellow. 

Exo Train

Aside from its primary Metro transit system, Montreal has another option for traveling. You can try using the Exo Train service. The Exo Train begins at Greater Montreal going to Vaudreuil-Hudson, Deux-Montagnes, Saint-Jérôme, Mascouche, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, and Candiac.


Another way to get around Montreal is via its popular STM bus service. Using a bus is also reliable and safe for traveling long distances. The great thing about the city’s bus service is that they operate 24/7. If you cannot catch other forms of transit, then we recommend Montreal’s bus service after midnight. 

Taxi Bus

Montreal’s Taxi Bus system is one of a kind! It is a unique transit service for traveling to locations that the city’s public transit system cannot reach. However, anyone must book their Taxibus forty or sixty minutes ahead of schedule. You can also share your Taxi Bus ride with other people close to you. 



Montreal the largest population that can speak the French language in Canada. Montreal is a fantastic city that combines many cultures you will notice with the city’s urban areas and tourist destinations. 


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