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4 Ways to Be Productive Even in Your Hotel Room

How to get your work done while on the go.

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Traveling brings about many opportunities, but it can also present you with some obstacles. If you are traveling for work, there are many times when you need to remain at the hotel to get some important tasks accomplished. This can really play with your emotions, as your heart may not be in the work that is in front of you.

Instead, you wish you were out exploring the city with everyone else. Regardless, you are a responsible professional so you must find some ways to be productive even while you are in your hotel.

Create Your Own Standing Desk

Part of the key to getting your work done in a hotel room is to remain focused. This is often difficult because of the strange environment that you are in. There are often too many distractions when you are sitting at the small desk in your room. To keep you focused on the tasks in front of you, consider creating your own standing desk. You can use a dresser in the room for this.

Standing while you work has been shown to make you more productive. It is also very good for your health as well. When it comes time to take a break, you can take a quick nap on the bed in your room. That will rejuvenate you to finish the day strong.

Set a Timer

When you have a lot of work to get done, it can feel as if it will never end. In order to keep your mind focused and to feel good about what you have accomplished, you will want to break up the work into smaller tasks. Set a timer to indicate when you need to take a break. This will give you time to get up and stretch, walk the hallway, or do something else for a few minutes before you get back to work.

Keep the Television Off

The television can be a big distraction. You might welcome the background noise, but it only takes one item of interest that comes on the television to cost you twenty minutes of productivity. It is best to leave it off so that you can just focus on what you are working on. The sooner you get done, the quicker you can get out and explore the city. If you need some noise, play some background music while you are working.

Hide Your Phone

While you may need to have your phone available in case the office needs to call you, that does not mean that it must be visible all night long. Modern smartphones are simply too much of a temptation. You may end up pulling it out for just a minute to check your social media only to discover that half an hour has elapsed. It is best to keep it out of sight so that this does not happen.

In addition, electronics at night can keep you from falling asleep. This is due to the light of those devices blocking the release of melatonin in your body which has been shown to aid in relaxation and quality sleep.

These four tips will go a long way towards helping you to be productive while you are working in your hotel room. The key is to create an office like atmosphere where you can focus on what is in front of you. There will time for exploring the city later. Now is the time to fulfill your professional obligations and to feel good while doing it.


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