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4 Things To Know About Traveling To New Zealand In 2021

Traveling to New Zealand this year? Read this first.

Traveling to a new country can be exciting. You get to meet new people and see unique scenery. You’ll also be able to understand other people’s way of living as you discover their culture. Some travel enthusiasts even learn a new language to make the experience a whole lot better.

New Zealand is one country you should consider visiting. It’s rich in culture, politics, and history. It’s also home to beautiful tourist spots like Tongariro National Park, Lake Taupo, the Fox Glacier, and the Franz Josef Glacier. This may be a wonderful country to move to as well.

If you’re planning to visit New Zealand but you’re worried about getting an NZ visa, consider seeking help from a reliable immigration adviser Wellington. You can do an online search or get referrals from friends. They’re well versed in immigration procedures and laws, capable of helping you get a visa that best fits your purpose of travel.

New Zealand Travel Restrictions In 2021

Like many other countries, New Zealand has put up restrictive policies to enhance the safety of its citizens. This may be one country with very strict COVID-19 policies. They ensured an early lockdown when the pandemic broke out. This helped them greatly in managing the degree of its spread.

For this reason, they may have implemented severe traveling policies to maintain their position. Earlier in the year, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, announced that its borders might remain shut throughout 2021.

  • Travel Policies

Travel policies have been established in this country, similar to some other countries. Theirs is perhaps a bit stringent. If you’re traveling there, they will require you to have your COVID-19 health certificate with you. You’ll also enter an isolation facility for 14 days after getting into the country. It has to be in a managed facility. This rule applies to its citizens as well. An exemption applies to only a number of persons under specific cases.

Before leaving the country, know that you’re still required to undergo a 14-day quarantine in one of those managed facilities.

  • Safety Precautions

Upon entry, you need to follow the policies put in place. For instance, you have to wear facemasks while in the country. Second, keep your distance while out and about to lower the likelihood of contracting the disease.

The country has incorporated various strategies to curb the spread of this virus. The key among them is the contact tracing application. The idea is to document the places you have visited. Citizens and travelers are advised to make use of the application as another preventive measure.

  • Booking An Isolation Facility

Some countries may not require visitors to book an isolation center when coming into the country. Most of them may need you to isolate yourself in a space of your choosing.

In New Zealand, however, this may be different. Prior to entering the country, you’re expected to have booked a quarantine facility. This is where you’ll spend your 14-day quarantine. Before you board a plane, you have to show your booking voucher that confirms this detail.

What You Should Know Before Leaving For New Zealand

New Zealand has many interesting things that make it a preferred destination. Some examples are its food, culture, and scenic destinations. However, before packing, here are few things you should keep in mind.

  • Driving Side 

New Zealand is keen on road safety. Motorists are to maintain the left lane while driving. It can be difficult coming from a country where you’re used to driving on the right. Be keen while driving around the country not to find yourself on the wrong side. The good thing is that there are arrow markings that indicate the proper side to keep.

While walking in NZ, always look right before crossing a street or road. Other rules may be similar to your mother country, such as not driving drunk or using your phone while driving. While some may be strict, ensure you conduct research to be on the safe side.

  • Sun Safety

While in NZ, ensure you put on some sunscreen when outdoors. Consider one that has a high sun protection factor. It has been mentioned that NZ has high ultraviolet radiation. This is witnessed especially in the months between September and April.

  • Connection

In most remote areas, getting a good Wi-Fi connection may be a challenge. However, free Wi-Fi is offered in cafes in major cities such as Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, and Queenstown.

In case of an emergency in NZ, the emergency number is 111. The call is not charged, and it responds to various emergencies such as fire, searches, ambulances, rescues, and many others.

  • Language

The most spoken languages are Maori and English. You can learn a few basic words in Maori to make the trip more interesting.

Final Words

New Zealand is a destination worth including on your bucket list. You’ll need to carry a camera because there are many interesting things you can document. What better way to know a country than trying their favorite dish? Ensure you try kiwi pie while you’re there.

Make the best out of this trip. It’s worth it.


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