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4 Essentials To Remember For Your Next Outdoor Event

How to have the best outdoor get together.

Outdoor events come in all shapes and sizes, from intimate dinners to multi-day festivals. But they all have many things in common that the organizer must factor in at the planning stage. So, if you’re planning an event to be held outside in the near future, consider the essentials to ensure it goes off without a problem. Your guests will be impressed at the spectacular event you’ve pulled off seemingly effortlessly.


A significant factor in the success of an event is getting the timings right, so working out the schedule should be one of the first things you do. Factor in set up and take down because even for small functions, these can take longer than anticipated, and the consequences of running over can be disastrous. A big cookout in the garden may only require an afternoon of tidying and food prep, then cleaning up the next day. A party at the local park, however, will have limited access times, so organize as much prep in advance so set up can be done quickly, and you don’t incur fines for not being finished and cleared up in the allocated time.

Power Supplies

Consider what the electricity supply needs of your function are and find out what is supplied or allowed to be brought in. Outdoor venues that regularly host events will likely provide the power supply as it gives them control over safety aspects. A portable generator will provide enough power for a moderately sized event at a venue without power. Creating an atmosphere with plenty of string lighting and music will be easy with a discreet generator.

Food And Drink

Anywhere a group of people comes together for any length of time will require provisions of food and drink. Hosting an event outdoors involves food storage and hygiene complications, but it’s not impossible. If there’s an indoor kitchen area, make use of the refrigeration facilities to keep food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages chilled until serving time. Or embrace the outdoor nature of the venue and prepare the food outdoors directly with a spit roast or barbeque.

Set up a well-stocked bar with a choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages if your event is self-service for drinks. Top up the ice regularly to keep everything cool while ensuring there are enough glasses to see you through. 


The weather is one thing you can’t thoroughly plan for with an outdoor event. Therefore, it’s essential to have an alternative should adverse conditions occur on the day. A marquee is popular as it provides shelter from all but the most inclement weather and shade from the heat. If the weather is good, pull the sides up to make the most of being outdoors. For a large event with multiple areas, ensure walkways remain safe in wet weather and that any electricity supplies are undercover.

Cover these essentials from the planning stage through to pack up, and your next outdoor event will be one to remember fondly.


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