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3 Ways to Use a Drone to Shoot Travel Videos

How to get incredible drone shots.

Drone flying

Drones have become popular in today’s world. Research shows that in 2020, the industry is valued at over $1.25 billion and is expected to grow to $63.6 billion by 2025. Many different sectors have adopted the use of drones, like those in agriculture or public service, because they are convenient and easy to use. Now it’s also common equipment for the everyday person. Video and picture enthusiasts have come to love the potential images drones can capture, especially in picturesque destinations.

However, people were stuck at home due to travel restrictions and social distancing rules during the pandemic. As borders begin to open post-pandemic lockdowns, many people are taking the opportunity to travel again. With these different excursions, you might find yourself wanting to capture memories and experiences so you can revisit them in the future. One way you can do this is by taking a travel drone with you to be able to catch breathtaking footage. If you want to use one of these devices to shoot videos of your travels, here are some of the things you can do to get great videos:

Don’t just shoot a bird’s eye view

Film and videography enthusiasts know that angles can make a big difference when it comes to shooting. Those using a drone may be tempted to just use footage taken from a high vantage point (considering this is the purpose of the device), but adding variations can make for a more interesting shot. There are many different angles out there like the long shot, eye-level perspective, and the canted view. These offer different perspectives, giving more depth and layers to your clips. Making use of these can turn your video from good to great.

Use motion shots

Those who know about photography know that motion shots are used to portray and capture movement. When taking videos, doing so is much easier because you can capture actions in real-time. Most drone cameras have high-speed sensors that provide clear images despite movement, as well as long focal lenses. These help when filming subjects from a distance. Incorporating motion shots into your travel videos will make the whole film feel more dynamic, which is great when you are doing energetic activities. It can help portray the feeling you experienced when on your travels.

Experiment with different moves and maneuvers

Lastly, for amateurs or inexperienced drone users, performing different maneuvers might seem like an intimidating task. But it is an important skill to develop if you want to become more proficient in the art. It can also be another way you can add variation to your shots. Some of the different maneuvers beginners can practice are the orbit, where the camera captures a 360 view of the subject, or a corkscrew that takes a 360 perspective from a high angle. For film enthusiasts, you can even try imitating a dolly shot to get a panoramic effect. Not only will experimenting with these moves make for beautiful footage, but it can also be a way to learn how to better control the drone.

Taking drone shots when traveling is a new activity that offers a whole new experience when it comes to capturing footage and memories. If you want to be able to incorporate this device on your next adventure, use these tips and tricks to get the most out of your travel video.


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