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3 Things to Look for from Your Auto Insurance Provider

How to get the best deal on insurance for your next road trip.

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A lot of drivers would call auto insurance something of a necessary evil. Nobody wants to pay for it. But at the end of the day, we all sort of realize that we need protection, especially when traveling on a road trip. Really, it’s probably for the best. And, besides, having coverage is the law!

So if you have to obtain a policy, you may as well get the best coverage you can for the best possible price. How exactly do you do that? Well, some of the pricing and coverage options will depend upon where you live. But no matter where you’re located, start with car insurance quotes online and keep in mind that there are a few key facts that you should know.

The following three factors in particular are some of the most important to watch. They will help you know what questions to ask and what options to look for from your auto insurance provider.

1. Opportunities to Reduce Your Premium

When it comes to getting auto insurance, a lot of people complain about their age and the high rates in their zip code. They think they are forever stuck paying the same premiums as everyone else with no possibility of cutting costs. But nothing could be further from the truth. From improving your credit score to maintaining a good driving record, you can reduce you costs.

You can also take a defensive driving course and lower your rates with many providers. Or, if you’re willing to take on a larger deductible, that can significantly cut your monthly premium. Then there are member-based and specialized providers to consider. There are various companies that compete for Toronto’s best car insurance rates. USAA is one of the best examples, offering excellent auto insurance coverage for eligible military members and veterans at rates that everyone will envy.

2. Opportunities to Include Roadside Assistance

There was a time when AAA was the name in roadside assistance. Much like “calling information” (or 411) to find a phone number, this was just how most people in bygone generations understood the world to work. Even as rival options emerged, it took a long time for people to realize how widespread and available this service had become.

Fast forward to today, and dozens of organizations offer comparable roadside assistance plans at reasonable rates. Some are better than others and the price does vary a bit. But it has become an easy-to-procure service from a wide range of providers. And because this is such a useful add on, it usually pays to get coverage from a firm that also offers roadside assistance — especially for parents of teen drivers prone to accidents.

3. Discounts for Family Plans

When it comes to mandatory insurance, you want things to be as simple as possible. There is probably no reason for you and your spouse to both shop for different plans, for example. Who wants to deal with multiple companies? You want a provider that makes it easy — and advantageous — to one-stop shop for the whole family

Fortunately, many do allow you to bundle the entire family together and pick up some good savings. Some will even allow you to keep your kids under the family discount until they are 25 years old. This is particularly nice for parents of college kids who won’t have to fret about their young student forgetting to renew a policy.

Knowing What to Look for in Auto Insurance

Knowledge is power. This is true in many walks of life, and the right info can definitely help you get better coverage at a better price. You will need to start out by knowing what is mandated in your location and what different types of coverage are available. You can use online portals to compare car insurance deals with each other.

Then comes a few provider specific concerns. Look for companies that offer opportunities to reduce your premium, extra services like roadside assistance, and savings in the form of family discounts.

Sure, auto insurance may seem like a commodity. It may seem like it doesn’t matter where you get it. But as so many drivers have found out the hard way, there really are some big differences. It pays to go with a provider you can trust.

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