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3 Secrets on How to Travel In Hong Kong Cheaply

There are ways to visit Hong Kong on a tight budget.

Hong Kong

October to December is the ideal time to visit Hong Kong City. It is the sunniest season of the year marked by clear skies and relaxing temperatures. It is a colorful city and home to the most extensive collection of skyscrapers, also the most developed metropolitan in Asia in terms of business and tourism. Marking it as the second most expensive country in Asia, after Singapore, the big question is, how do you snug a cheap trip in this world-class city? These three secrets will guide you to that budget travel trip. Your wallet will thank you for this holiday.

Saving Money on Travel

Hong Kong is not an ideal destination on the top list of backpacker to travel to. However, you can click https://www.cathaypacific.com/destinations/en_GB/flights-from-london-to-hong-kong for the best flight. You will land in Hong Kong Airport with an easy mind. Knowing you saved more dollars to enjoy this city with the most sophisticated transport system. At the airport, get an Octopus card. It is cheaper than a regular card which is also an equivalent to London’s Oyster Cards, for your cashless stay in Hong Kong. You will use it for public transport, visiting theme parks, restaurants and convenience stores.

Save Money on Hotel and Accommodation

Hong Kong is comprised of three islands. Hong Kong City Island is an industrial city. The New Territories made up of temples and wetland parks, Kowloon Island consisting of museums and markets. You will get the highest concentration of cheap accommodation. Specifically, the Central area, Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui districts. There are inexpensive guesthouses and hostels there if you can bootstrap your wallet further by booking a dorm bed or a bunk room. You can get one starting as low as $2. The area is near a vibrant food scene for those chop downs. There is one restaurant for every 600 people. If you plan on dieting, it won’t be so easy. Hong Kong people are the best-fed people on earth.

Save Money on Food

Your best source of cheap food will be street food. It comprises mostly of egg waffles, curry fish balls and Chinese fried dumplings. You can also browse affordable restaurants. Many offer discount coupons on drinks and dining. If you are the picky type of trying new foods, do not worry about fast food joints to munch a hamburger and chips are available too. But what is the fun of travelling without working fresh food? So, for the traveler with an adventurous taste, try the stinky tofu. On saving the drinks, look out for happy hours and bars offering discounts on alcohol. However, if you are looking to have a cold crisp beer, prepare to part with a few more dollars.

Well, there you have it, folks! Once you have that ticket, look to save on your accommodation by staying in Kowloon Island. And enjoy the cheap street food scene, while trying new cuisine.


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