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3 Secrets for College Students to Travel Abroad

A brief guide on how to travel abroad and study too.

If you are in college, you may desire to see some of the world before you graduate. However, college students aren’t known for having a lot of money, and you might wonder how you can make it more affordable. Luckily, there are many options out there for saving money, whether you want to spend an entire semester abroad or just want to make the most of a summer break. 

Take Advantage of Your Student Status

You may be able to get student discount cards that usually have travel discounts. Many of these cards can be used while traveling abroad, especially if you want to access the sites but don’t have the funds to do so. If you are managing your own budget, you will also want to think about getting a credit card. This is a useful tool to know whether you are leaving your home country because it can help you balance your budget to save up for your trip. However, choosing from the right cards is an important decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. Consider looking for student discounts available on hotels as well. Many hotels have special rates designed for college students, although these may or may not be advertised. Consider calling them to ask if they offer anything for students.

Pack Light

You may be tempted to bring everything you think you will need in a foreign country and then some because of how far from home you will be. However, you likely don’t need all the things you think you will. You are unlikely to be attending fancy meetings where you need a different formal outfit for every evening. Packing lighter can also save money on baggage fees because most airlines limit how much you can bring on a flight before it costs extra. Packing lighter also means you will be able to get a last-minute deal if something becomes available. Make a list and remember that packing for a beach vacation is different than packing for a hiking trip, so create your line items to match the location you are headed to as well as the activities you plan to participate in while you are there. 

Consider a Working Trip

A less expensive way of getting to another country is by getting a working visa. This is a special visa that allows you to visit a country to work, not just visit. If you get a job when you are visiting your country of choice, you will also be better able to involve yourself with life there instead of only visiting the tourist traps. It’s not uncommon for students to get jobs teaching English as a second language to the people in the countries they visit. There is often a high demand for English in many Asian countries. Getting a job as an English teacher usually pays better compared to other jobs available for college students. It’s also a good thing to put on your resume, no matter what field you want to go into once you graduate. It’s a good idea to double check any educational requirements before planning on having a certain job. In many areas, you will need to have taken English classes in order to teach it.


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