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3 Rules to Follow For Foreign Students in China

What you should and shouldn’t do when in China studying abroad.

Are you thinking of studying in China?

Then you need to know the dos and don’ts of being a foreign student in China. When you know what is expected of you, then you are less likely to get into trouble. Your stay in the country as a student will also be easier and more enjoyable.

Here are 3 simple rules to follow if you intend to enjoy tour stay as a foreign student in China:

Avoid Trying To Convert People to Your Religion

While the right to practice your faith is a fundamental human right, different countries view that right through different lenses. Some countries allow you to practice your faith publicly while others don’t. Then some countries that see faith as a personal matter that should not be discussed in public.

If you choose to go to China as an international student, then you need to be prepared to keep your faith private. Religious activities and gatherings are not usually allowed on campus.

And you are forbidden from proselytizing. That means you can’t go around preaching and converting people to your faith no matter how much you want to. Breaking these rules may cause you to be kicked out of your university. You may also end up being deported. So, learning may be disrupted completely.

Learn Chinese

Some Chinese universities will teach your course in English. Others, however, will require you to know Chinese to undertake the courses that you desire to learn.

You should be prepared to learn Chinese. It’s not the easiest language in the world. But it can make life much easier for you.

Ensure that you don’t just learn the language in the classroom setting but also from the environment around you. Engage Chinese students and ask them to help you learn the language. You will likely learn it faster this way.

You will be able to travel the length and breadth of China during your holidays without struggling to communicate. But most importantly, you will be able to learn what the lecturers teach, without struggling.

Learning Chinese will also open up doors for you. You may be able to find a job easily in China. Also, multinational companies looking for a Chinese language speaker may be happy to have you work for them.

Be Open-Minded About Other Cultures

China puts a lot of emphasis on its Chinese customs and culture. And even as an international student, you are expected to observe some of these cultural practices. So, to enjoy your stay while studying in China, you need to adopt an open-minded attitude towards other people and their cultures.

Don’t be the kind of person who keeps to themselves. Rather interact with international students from your country and other countries as well. If there is a student body that draws its membership from the international student community, join it. Take an active interest in what goes on provided it’s not against the law.

Also, make friends with Chinese students. You will learn so much about the local customs and practices from those that know it best. And you too, have so much to teach them about your culture. Consider the interactions as a form of cultural exchange that will make your life richer in so many ways.

China can offer you plenty of learning opportunities if you let it. But first, you must get yourself into the country. And your stay there must be legal if you are to enjoy an extended stay as an international student.

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