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3 Portable Products to Keep You Safe While Traveling

What you need to stay secure on the road.

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Nothing beats the thrill of travel: visiting new locales, seeing the sights, meeting people, learning the culture, etc. All that can be spoiled, however, if you’re unprepared for the inherent dangers. Here are three handy products that make it easy to stay safe while on the move.

Self Defense Keychain

When you think of items that will help protect you from muggings or other attacks, what do you picture? A can of mace? A stun gun?

How about a keychain?

Believe it or not, self defense keychains are rapidly becoming a popular option for travelers looking to arm themselves discreetly. Made of shaped metal perfect for clubbing or stabbing an oncoming assailant, self defense keychains are heavy-duty enough to get the job done, but small and unassuming enough to blend in with any other keychains or accessories you’re carrying. They’re easy to transport and unlikely to be confiscated while out of the country, and they don’t require batteries or other forms of maintenance.

Power Bank

Staying safe isn’t always about guarding yourself against criminals. It’s also about guarding yourself against unexpected calamities. In many ways, the best safety tool of all is the one most of us already one: a cell phone.

Having a phone on you at all times is always a good thing when traveling. You never know when you might find yourself lost, suffer an accident, or otherwise need to call for help. The only problem is that cell phones often eat through battery power in no time, and there’s not always a working power outlet around.

Instead of searching for electricity, bring it with you. Power banks are portable charging stations that can themselves be charged in advance. A good one can usually hold enough energy to refill a cell phone up to two times, providing you the confidence of knowing assistance is just a phone call away.

Anti-Theft Money Belt

Whatever you do, don’t call it a “fanny pack.” A money belt might look silly, but it’s a good way to keep your most valuable possession close at all times.

Designed with anti-theft measures to make pickpocketing a whole lot harder, using one of these is significantly safer than keeping your wallet in a pocket or purse. And because they come equipped with multiple compartments, you can keep your divide money into separate, secure reserves instead of one lump of wadded-up bills.

Good for more than just cash, money belts can also help you stay organized while protecting other important items: IDs, passports, medications, credit cards, cell phones, and more.


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