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3 Great Travel Destinations That Won’t Break The Bank

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive.

In many people’s minds, travel is a luxury that only the rich can afford. After all, how do you manage to go overseas when you’re barely making ends meet at the best of times? If you think this way, it’s because you haven’t seen the sort of people who do make it across the ocean.

The most common tourists are not wearing fur coats and traveling with expensive luggage. They’re wearing cheap outfits and carrying backpacks, staying in low cost but quaint hostels or hotels, and ticking off all the places on your bucket list.

There are many ways to travel cheap, including being strategic with flight bookings and using credit cards with great travel rewards. But the easiest way to travel on a budget is by going to places that are cheap. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean they’re any less exquisite than other destinations. To give you an idea of what I mean, these are 3 stunning travel destinations you can do on a budget.

Lombok, Bali

Bali has been a favorite among the old and young alike for decades now. It is affordable, beautiful, and can be a lot of fun. But most people stick to the beaten path. Staying somewhere like Seminyak is great, but it’s the least interesting thing you can do. Lombok, on the other hand, is a more fascinating place and costs a lot less.

This small island just east of Bali has everything you need in an island holiday and more. Its beaches are gorgeous – including the small Gili Islands which allow no motor vehicles. Surfers love it, and you will too even if you’re a little wary of standing on waves, like I am.

Most spectacular, however, is Mount Rinjani, the second biggest volcano in Indonesia and a fascinating multi-day hike.

Dakar, Senegal

For those who want a taste of Africa without spending big bucks, Dakar is an ideal destination. Its bustling streets offer a glimpse into daily life and a host of new experiences. Good food unlike what you’re used to is available at ridiculously low prices. Souvenirs come cheap as well with a bit of bargaining.

Île de N’Gor, a tiny island just off Dakar, is perfect for a nice break from the city life. You can spend a day or two enjoying the beaches and tanning in the hot sun.

There are many museums and historical sites to visit as well, with low entry prices – some are free.

Gaziantep, Turkey

Just a 90 minute flight from Istanbul, Gaziantep is as incredible but way cheaper to navigate. Whereas everything in Istanbul is priced to take advantage of the wealthy (and especially tourists), Gaziantep is affordable to those who call the city home, and extremely cheap to those accustomed to paying the high price of living like the elite.

Gaziantep is one of 8 Unesco Creative Gastronomy Cities, so you absolutely have to visit if you love good food and drink.

Even if food is secondary on your list of travel highlights, Gaziantep has beauty and history to keep you wandering for weeks. Pay a visit to the city and avoid the crowds and the inflated prices of Istanbul.

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