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Wade from has been continuously traveling around the world for more than 9 years through ov for more than 9 years through over 45 countries on 5 continents. He is open to answer all questions -  email Walk Slow.



RyanAir Not Lenient With Carry On Baggage Allowance

Budapest, Hungry, January 14, 2009- Ryanair is serious about the weight and size of their carry on/ cabin baggage allowance. Seriously, your carry on bags are both measured and weighed at the gate prior to being allowed on the plane. If your bag is over the limit, you have to pay to have it checked.

As of today, Ryanair carry on/ cabin baggage allowance is only one bag per person, and if you have a purse, laptop, or smaller bag, it must all fit within this single bag. The bag must also weigh under 10kg (22 pounds). Duty free items are also included in this allowance, so if you by duty free goods they also must fit within this single bag.

If your carry on/ cabin luggage exceeds this amount, you will have to pay at least 10 Euro.

This baggage fee is just another on top of many other miscellaneous fees that Ryanair charges. So think twice before you purchase those "penny" flights from Ryanair.

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Ryan Air Not Lenient With Carry On Baggage Allowance
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