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Wade is currently in the United

Wade and Chaya are in Maine, USA. Read recent travelogue entries!

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Wade from has been continuously traveling around the world for more than 9 years through ov for more than 9 years through over 45 countries on 5 continents. He is open to answer all questions -  email Walk Slow.



Study Abroad International Education

This is a guide to studying abroad, study abroad programs, and countries to study in. If you have any information about studying abroad or about being an international student, please do not hesitate to submit it in the comments below.

How to Study Abroad Guide:
This is a guide that is designed to help students plan to Study Abroad, and ease the transition once they arrive in their host country. It has information about various programs, schools, individual country information, how to choose a program, choosing a country, and how to enroll in your school of choice. I have personally studied abroad for three years with Global College/ Friends World Program of Long Island University, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Also, if you have any study abroad tips, ideas, or suggestions about anything related to pursuing international studies please submit them in the comments below.

Study Abroad Programs:

Global College/ Friends World Program

School for International Training (SIT)

SUNY Study Abroad

Florida Atlantic University Archaeology Field School in Salango, Ecuador

International Schools:

Zhejiang University (Hangzhou China)

Global College, Long Island University, Portfolio of Learning for Fall 2007 semester in Morocco, Portugal, and France- This is my portfolio of my study abroad semester in Morocco.

Educational Autobiography - Journey through the education system and study abroad.

Development of Tribal/ Nomad Thesis- Senior thesis for the Friends World Program.

Thesis Table of Contents:

Part I- Introduction

Part II- History of Arunachal Pradesh Tribals

Part III- History of Tibetan Nomads

Part IV- Early Development of Arunachal Pradesh Tribals

Part V- Recent Developments in Arunachal Pradesh

Part VI- Early Development of Tibetan Nomads

Part VII- Recent Developments in Tibet

Part VIII- Conclusion

Part IX- Bibliography

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Study Abroad International Education
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