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Wade and Chaya are in Maine, USA. Read recent travelogue entries!

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Wade from has been continuously traveling around the world for more than 9 years through ov for more than 9 years through over 45 countries on 5 continents. He is open to answer all questions -  email Walk Slow.



Travel Gear, Equipment, and Supplies

This is a page to discuss and share information on travel gear and supplies: rucksacks, backpacks, boots, coats, rain gear, tents, camping equipment, clothing, anything that  you may (or may not) need to go a vagabonding.
The Swiss Army Knife:
  • The Great Swiss Army Knife DebateEnter here into the great debate between travelers on the Swiss Army Knife. Is it a backpacking essential, or "just another travel rip-off?" Find out for yourself by clicking the link above!
Ubertramp, Nath Richards, on the Swiss Army Knife:

"Packing for an extended trip away usually starts with me chucking everything I think I will need into a large pile. Invariably this pile ends up about the size of Mt. Kota Kinabalu, and invariably at around this point I glance over to an undersized empty backpack propped up against the wall, realize all this stuff will never fit, and let out a bit of a deflated sigh. I know it’s time to get ruthless.

Now, 2 of the first items thrown in the Kinabalu pile would usually be a Leatherman tool and a Swiss army knife - and my first question would always be the same: which one do I take? I realize now the question should really have been: do I actually need to take either? And the answer – if you’re simply doing the general backpackery things that backpackers do - is a hard and fast no." 

Read More by going to The Great Swiss Army Knife Debate!

From the article, Swiss Army Knives: Just Another Travel Rip-Off  

My rebuttal to Ubertramp's position on the Swiss Army Knife:      
"In all, my Swiss Army knife removes the need of having to clumsily cart around a dozen separate implements, which will just toss about, and probably get lost in, the innards of my rucksack. I asked a Swiss girl the other day how she feels about the knives of her army. She gave me an astonished look, seemingly taken aback that I would even ask such a blasphemous question, and responded very seriously and bluntly with, “They are indispensable.” Read More!
This is a video that I made in defense of the Swiss Army Knife. It is about a Hobo and a Fairy and Swiss Army Knives and love . . . Just watch the video!

Traveling with a Computer:
Traveling with a computer is both a liberating experience and a restraining chore. First of all, having your own computer when traveling means that you can write whenever you want to, upload pictures from your digital camera, and access the internet without having to deal with using a public computer that usually has its language set to one that you can not really read. Also, if you want to work on a website, a travel blog, or are a photographer, it is almost essential that you travel with a computer.

The following are articles, tips, and anecdotes about traveling with a computer.
This is an article that appeared in Andy of's travel newsletter #24 first published on December  24, 2000 in Rio De Janeiro.
Dell Laptops for Traveling- The laptop computer that I travel with is a simple Dell. It costs me $400, and has been a good companion on the Road for these past two years. Dell laptops are good value, well made, tough, and are travel well.
Alphasmart Neo for traveling writers- A review of the machine that I use for writing. "Alphasmarts are essentially keyboards that are ale to memorize keystrokes and then type them out on command into a word processing program on a computer, or sent directly to a printer. All I have to do is turn the device on, type away, plug it into a computer, push send, and the contents of what I wrote is sent to the word processing program or into the compose mode of Blogger." These Alphasmart writing devices have a 700 hour battery life and use three simple AAA's. They are perfect alternatives to traveling with a laptop or a great compliment to it. I use both the Alphasmart and the computer in tandem, as it is sometimes difficult to find places to plug in the laptop, and the Alphasmart is also quicker and easier to use.     

The Camera:
How to choose a good traveling camera?

Travel Packing:
What do you really need? How do you get it all to fit?

Ubertramp's Passion for Tupperware as Travel Gear- I do not know what my friend Nath is thinking with this bit of travel gear advice, but it is well written and could be of use to other travelers. Basically, Ubertramp uses Tupperware containers as a stratagem to pack his rucksack. Tupperware as travel gear- read this essay from Ubertramp.

The Rucksack or Backpack:

What to carry your travel gear in? Choosing your gear hauling device is one of the most thought out decisions that you can make while traveling. Do you use a backpack? A suitcase? A tote-bag? Nothing at all? This collection of links, instruction guides, and essays is meant to help you make a decision as to what mode of travel bag is good for you and the traveling that you want to do. 

How to Choose a Traveling Backpack? - A great instruction guide from Ubertramp on how to select a backpack for traveling.
The Kelty Redwing 2650, My Backpack- An essay on the backpack that I use for traveling, the Kelty Redwing 2650.
How to put a locking mechanism on the Kelty Redwing Backpack- A travel tip from Craig of on how to rig up a locking system on a Kelty Redwing backpack.
Travel Backpacks- 3 Advantages Article- Article about the advantages of using a backpack while traveling.

Day Packs:

Water Purifiers:
Should you travel with a water purifier?

How water purifiers work?

Travel Clothing:

Boots and Footwear: 

Carhartt Work Boots for Travel - The boots that I tramp in are a pair of Carhartt work boots. They have served me well for two years - never had a problem, they have not yet faltered.


Security Gear:

Travel gear to ensure that you remain in possession of all of your travel gear. Security items for the backpacker to prohibit theft.

5 Cheap Ways to Safeguard Travel Gear- Ubertramp's suggestions about how you can cheaply keep your travel gear secure. "For the most part, budgeting begins the moment you step from your front door and into the unknown. But why not start this trend a little earlier? Surely if you can save a few dollars in the preparation stage then there will be a little more in the pot for your forthcoming adventure. And with that in mind, here are 5 ways to ensure you start that journey with both a healthier road fund and greater peace of mind."

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Hey Wade, this is kind of random, but I have a
question about travel footwear. I am trying to decide
what kind of footwear I want to take with me. What do
you usually use? I know for sure I want a pair of
flip-flops, and probably one other pair....I don't
think I would want more than one pair of actual shoes.
Maybe something that is all-purpose and good all
around? Let me know, I appreciate it man!

Wade says . . .

Question answered at Carhartt Work Boots for Travel

Travel Gear, Equipment, and Supplies
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