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Moving Blog from Blogger to Wordpress

From Wade to Craig about moving Vagabond Journey Travelogue to Wordpress

Hey Craig,

Yeah, I may need a little help now. Blogger konked out on me and I can't publish either of the two blogs that I use it to publish. So I think I am switching over to word press. You've got me haha.

I just have a couple questions. With Wordpress do you still use a middleman like Blogger? With blogger I still need to log into their site to publish to my server (vagabond

Do you think that in switching over I will be able to keep all of my old posts at the same address?

Thanks man, I know you are real busy but I appreciate it. I just downloaded the Wordpress program now and am going to install it. I will probably have a ton more questions to ask one I get into it.

Thanks Craig,

Walk Slow,


From Craig to Wade about moving Vagabond Journey Travelogue to Wordpress

Damn, suck balls.  What's up on the Blogger front?

The BEST thing about WP is that since it's installed on your server by you, you get to decide when to roll updates out. You set it up and nothing will break while you're traveling because nothing has changed.

You should also know that you don't need to use WP for your homepage. The home page of travelvice is a normal XHTML/CSS page, that pulls info from the WP installs (two of 'em) and dumps it into the right spots on the page. 

I upgraded the URL format of the new Travelvice travelogue when I rolled out WP to something that was more SEO and made much more sense:

Where was it written? Obvious, Romania. Fuck that date format thing (/YYYY/MM/TITLE), it's nonsense for our kind of blogs.

So, that leads me to what will be the biggest thing to overcome with your transition -- importing all your old stuff into WP and keeping our incoming google links functional with a redirect (302, 301 -- fuck, I can't remember the technical # for it right now).

This presented such an issue for me that I simply decided to leave all my old blogger content on blogger itself. Plus, I had posts formated on that template style just the way I wanted (with photo placement, etc), and a bunch of code in each post that would be a fucking mess to clean up for a migration to WP.  So screw it -- it'd cost me way to many man hours to adjust the content so I just left it. Maybe that's an option for you, maybe it's not.

I'm a wizard on WP these days -- but I'm stuck on last February's WP version 2.3.2 because upgrading to the lastest and greatest isn't worth it (I've made far too many customizations to the plugins etc).

So yes, you'll still need to log into WP to publish, but there will be no more files on the site -- it's all database driven, meaning 'virtual' URLs.

Lemme know where I can help brother.

Oh, and Istanbul is f'ing rad, even in the middle of a freezing December.

Merry Christmas!

//craig in turkey
  Dec 24 | 21:08

Merry Christmas right back to you too, Craig!

I appreciate all that help that you offered to give me with transferring over to Wordpress. I tried that "famous five minute instillation" and could not figure the damn thing out. Oh well, I just through together my own little blog, and think that it will do the job. Just wanting to keep things simple. But I appreciate your help though!

I wish you the best in Turkey. I think that I will be going Istanbul way via the Ukraine ferry from Odessa. I home to be sipping tea in Turkey by the middle of February.

Where are you going from Istanbul?

Walk Slow,


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Moving Blog from Blogger to Wordpress
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