How to Make an Internet Magazine

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How to Make an Internet Magazine

Hello Baron,

Thank you for this tip on how to make an internet magazine. I will try the Scribus ( open source software that you reference.

Will let you know what I come up with when playing around with the PDF magazine idea.

Thank you for the help and encouragement!

Walk Slow,


Hi Wade,

I promised you an email a couple weeks ago in a blog comment.  My
apologies for being late.

I was going to take one of your online articles and format it as a
magazine page.  But it turns out I'm too lazy for that.  On the bright
side, there's an open source desktop publishing program that comes
with some templates that I think would do well for you.  At a minimum
the templates can serve as a starting point for you.

The program is called Scribus ( and it's a WYSIWYG
program.  It works a lot like MS Publisher, but free.  Draw the design
elements (picture frames, text boxes, etc.) on the page where you want
them.  Text boxes can be linked together so your text flows from one
box to the next (this will make more sense when you work with the

Some time ago I told you about for a PDF creator.  Scribus
can save as a PDF so you won't need the PDF995 program.  One less
thing to worry about.  Woo Hoo!!

Sorry I couldn't give you something more earth shaking after making
you wait so long.


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How to Make an Internet Magazine
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