Money Burning Festival Taiwan


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Taiwanese children and their parents burn fake money for their ancestors during a holiday in Taiwan.

Taiwanese burn fake money for their ancestors on the streets of Taipei during a religious festival.

This handsome Taiwanese boy took Chaya for a date on his motorbike, but when it started raining he wasn't too cool to put on his huge pink, yellow and purple rain coat.

Man rides a bicycle passed a Taiwanese temple. The fire in the background is people burning money for their ancestors.

Stone bamboo sculpture in the side of a building.

Sign posted at a popular tourist: Visitor warning: In the interest of your personal health and safety, please do not purchase any medicinal liquors or other merchandise of dubious origin. Exercise caution in all purchases so as to avoid being duped by unscrupulous vendors or stores.

Trees fill mountains in this national park in Taiwan.

Colorful painted sculptures on the roof of a Buddhist monastery in Taiwan.

Beautiful trees and mountains in Taiwan.

Bridge hanging over a gorge in Taiwan.

Money Burning Festival Taiwan Photos
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