Laos Dancing Girls and Concert


Laos Dancing Girls and Concert Photos    Laos Dancing Girls and Concert Pictures

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Laotian children outside a concert in Northern Laos.

Laotian rock band performing in northern Laos.

Laotian concert featuring a mediocre house band, rotating middle aged male singers and a line of dancing girls who changed costumes frequently but only had about five moves that they just repeated in different orders.

Laotian dancing girls perform synchronized dance at concert in northern Laos.

Laotian concert.

Laotian concert with female singer and dancers.

American travelers partying with locals in northern Laos.

American travelers with some drunk Laotians.

Party in northern Laos featuring lao-lao a homemade whiskey.

Chaya hanging out with girls in northern Laos.

Laos Dancing Girls and Concert Photos
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