Guerrilla Camp in El Salvador


Guerrilla Camp in El Salvador Photos    Guerrilla Camp in El Salvador Pictures

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Old walls of the Rattlesnake Encampment, an old guerrilla camp from the civil war in El Salvador.

Sign explaining that the Rattlesnake encampment was used as a hospital, school and place to live during the war. It was so named because the first night a rattlesnake appeared in the tent of two guerrillas who broke the code of silence they were forced to keep so as not to be discovered.

An makeshift hospital bed used during the war in El Salvador.

Trees cover the hills in Cinquera, Cabanas, El Salvador.

House hidden on the hills in El Salvador.

Small waterfall leading to a swimming hole in Cinquera, El Salvador.

Natural pool in El Salvador.

Chaya and a Salvadoran boy going swimming in a local swimming hole.

American traveler and Salvadoran boy in El Salvador.

Cemetary in Cabanas, El Salvador.

Guerrilla Camp in El Salvador Photos
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