South African Kindergarten


South African Kindergarten Photos    South African Kindergarten Pictures

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South African girls baking cupcakes in private school, Morningside, Durban, South Africa.

Zulu and white South African kindergarten students in a private school. Behind them is a Zulu intern from a nearby township. The private school gives her a scholarship to study early childhood education in exchange for interning at the school.

American intern supervises South African students working at the chalkboard in the classroom.

Chaya plays with South African girls in a multicultural classroom in Durban.

Teacher playing with kindergarten students in a classroom.

Chaya and a white South African girl in Durban.

South African Indian children reading books in their Durban classroom.

South African children playing with the pet bird of their kindergarten classroom.

Zulu teacher enforcing rules of a kindergarten classroom while students play with pet birds.

Zulu teacher encouraging children to talk out their problems.

South African Kindergarten Photos
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