Fishermen in Jordan


Fishermen in Jordan Photos    Fishermen in Jordan Pictures

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Picture of park ranger on the beach in Aqaba, Jordan who helped us with our sea urchin injuries.

Row of umbrellas on the beach along the Red Sea in Aqaba, Jordan.

Homes along the beach: tent, RV and seaside houses.

Families and children swimming in the Red Sea.

Tent of fishermen in Jordan.

Fishermen in Jordan

Young man on the beach who invited us to sit by his tent and drink tea with him in Jordan. He says he comes to the beach everyday after work to fish and hang out with his friends.

Umbrella made of palm leaves on the beach near Aqaba.

Chaya on the beach near Aqaba.

Pregnant traveler in Jordan.

Sunset on the Red Sea beach in Jordan.

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