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man sells vegetable peeler in damascus syria

Vegetable peeler seller in the streets of Damascus, Syria.

taxi meter turned off

Taxi meter that is not turned on in Damascus. Meters can be a useful tool in trying to get a fair price, but can be fixed to still cheat you. Sometimes it's better to agree on a set price before getting in the cab.

international bus station in damascus, syria

International bus station in Damascus, Syria.

chilean and chaya fight with taxi drivers

A Chilean doctor and Chaya bargaining for a taxi ride from Damascus, Syria to Amman, Jordan. Usually it is useful to team up with other foreigners when negotiating an international taxi price. This gives you more control over who is sharing the ride with you, and more leverage over bargaining.

taxi drivers discuss prices from damascus to amman

The one legged man claimed he lived in the US, and spoke good English. I don't know what his story was, but it was useful to have someone to help us translate.

taxi drivers at stand in damascus

Taxi drivers present passenger passports and information to a taxi stand at the international taxi station n Damascus, Syria. This is common practice in many countries.

desert in northern jordan

Desert of northern Jordan.

cliff hostel in amman, jordan

Cliff hostel in Amman, Jordan. It was cheap, comfortable and friendly.

minaret of mosque in amman

Minaret outside old mosque in the middle of Amman, Jordan.

mosque in streets of amman, jordan

Busy streets outside a mosque in Amman, Jordan.


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