Men and hookahs in Damascus, Syria


Men and hookahs in Damascus, Syria Photos    Men and hookahs in Damascus, Syria Pictures

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man shopping in damascus, syria

Men shopping in the market streets of Damascus, Syria.

arabic prayers in damascus, souq

Muslim prayers in Arabic for sale in a Damascus souq.

falling down house in damascus

Old house with broken windows falling down in Damascus.

streets of damascus, syria

Streets of Damascus, Syria.

bikes outside falafel stand

Bicycles outside a falafel stand in Damascus.

boy working in syria

Boy stacking car parts in Syria. Child labor in Syria has become a hot topic.

men walking and biking in damascus

Syrian men walking and bicycling on the streets of Damascus.

chaya buying hookah tobacco

Chaya buying hookah tobacco from a small shop in the streets of Syria.

nargiles in souq in damascus

Nargile, or hookah pipes for sale in the souq of Damascus.

nargile or hookah in syria

Syrian glass water pipes for sale. Smoking flavored tobacco out of a nargile or hookah pipe is a common hobby of the men of Middle Eastern countries.


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