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woman buy herbs in market damascus, syria

Woman buying herbs and spices in a market in Damascus, Syria.

spices drying in souq in damascus

Herbs and mushrooms drying at a stand in a souq in Damascus.

arabic sign in syrian market

Man weighing herbs in front of a sign in Arabic at a stand in a market.

mystery liquid for sale in market

Containers of unknown substances for sale in a Syrian market.

syrians shopping in market

People shopping in an indoor market in Damascus, Syria.

arab souq architecture

Arabs in a souq of classic architecture in the Old City.

man reading newspaper in damascus

Arab man reading a newspaper outside his shop in Damascus.

truck in streets of damascus

Busted truck in the crowded streets of Damascus.

indians and syrian soldiers in damascus

Indian soldiers led on a tour by Syrian soldiers around Damascus, Syria.

taxis and cars in syrian streets

Taxis and cars in front of a market street in Damascus.


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