Souqs of Damascus, Syria


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university football match in damascus, syria

Soccer game at a university in Damascus, Syria.

souq or market in old city of damascus

Women walking through the covered portion of the souq, or market, of the Old City in Damascus.

muslim women shop in market in syria

Muslim Syrian women in burqas and with headscarves shop in the markets.

ruins souq damascus, syria

Old ruins serve as a gate to the souqs of Damascus, Syria.

stone architecture in damascus, syria

Old stone architecture in Damascus.

syrian pizza in brick oven

Syrian pizzas baked in a stone brick oven in Damascus.

shops in market of damascus,syria

Lines of stores in the market streets in Damascus.

olive soap from aleppo, syria

Olive soap from Aleppo for sale in Damascus souqs.

green aged olive soap

Aged olive soap is green on the inside, brown on the outside.

olive soap souq damascus syria

Stacks of olive soap for sale in souqs in Damascus, Syria.

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