Train travel from Aleppo to Latakia Syria


Train travel from Aleppo to Latakia Syria Photos    Train travel from Aleppo to Latakia Syria Pictures

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train stopped at station in aleppo, syria

Train at train station in Aleppo, Syria.

train end in aleppo

Back of the train in Aleppo, Syria.

sign for aleppo train station

Sign for the Aleppo train station.

inside third class coach of a syrian train

Inside the third class of a Syrian train traveling from Aleppo to Latakia.

mad chaya

Hot and tired Chaya mad at Wade for making them almost miss the train to get hamburgers. We had to jump on it while it was moving, not easy to do at six months pregnant.

inside syrian train from aleppo to latakia

Inside Syrian train, third class.

safwan hotel latakia, syria

Entrance to Safwan Hotel in Latakia, Syria.

latakia to damascus syrian countryside

Syrian countryside as seen from a bus traveling from Latakia to Damascus.

wade and kurdish syrian university students in damascus

Wade with a group of Kurdish Syrians in Damascus.

soccer game at university in damascus, syria

Soccer game at a university in Damascus.

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