Train Station of Aleppo, Syria


Train Station of Aleppo, Syria Photos    Train Station of Aleppo, Syria Pictures

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christophe, wade, chaya couchsurfing in aleppo

Our couchsurfing host, Christophe, Wade and Chaya in Aleppo, Syria.

train station aleppo, syria

Train station in Aleppo, Syria.

tickets for latakia sign in train station

Sign for tickets for Latakia in the train station of Aleppo.

ticket line in the train station of aleppo

Line for the ticket booth to Latakia in the Aleppo train station.

train ticket from aleppo to latakia, syria

Train ticket from Aleppo to Latakia, Syria.

syrians in train station of aleppo

People waiting and buying tickets for the train in the train station of Aleppo, Syria.

syrian man in the park without shoes

Syrian man in a park with his shoes off and prayer beads and handkerchief in hand.

train in syria

Syrian train.

train travel in syria

Picture of a Syrian train in Aleppo. Train travel in Syria is cheap and comfortable.

syrian flag on platform in aleppo

Syrian flag on the platform outside the station in Aleppo.

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